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  1. retroviking

    Mojave help with installing repos

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I have attached the requested file. Send me 192-168-0-187.rdsnet.ro.zip
  2. retroviking

    Mojave help with installing repos

    I have replaced the folder, rebooted and it boots without problems. The only thing that I noticed changing was the bootloader screen and the specs in About this Mac. The brightness slider, audio etc. are currently still missing.
  3. retroviking

    Mojave help with installing repos

    Hi Allan, I have attached the requested file. SPECS Lenovo b50-70 Intel Core i3-4030U, 1.90GHz, Haswell Intel HD graphics 4400 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD AMD Radeon R5 M230, 2GB It is a new install (Niresh Mojave) and a lot of things didn't work from the box. I found some kexts for another model of Lenovo and installed them with Kext Utility, thus far this is what I got to work: tap-to-click (had to use physical buttons before), battery indicator, and windows button as command button. Otherwise, I use a USB wifi adapter which is decent for what I need (syncing Omnifocus tasks). What doesn't work is brightness adjustment, audio and scrolling down is kinda stuttery on some websites. Other than that, I use this machine for task management so my real concern is the brightness, which gives me headaches. Any help is much appreciated! Send me 192-168-0-105.rdsnet.ro.zip
  4. Okay, I have a working Mojave installation and I just want to fix my brightness controls because they don't show up in Display settings. This git folder is tailored to my laptop but have absolutely no idea how to install the contents. How can I use it? https://github.com/ibrahimdoqn/Lenovo-B50