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  1. myehiaa

    Mojave Rx 580 Premiere Freeze at export

    any other change in config.plist ? and if i install catalina 10.15.1 will fix this problem ?
  2. hey , I have a problem that the performance is too slow and it doesnt work probably in Adobe Premiere and After Effects despite its already read by hackintosh but it hang when use https://www.videoproc.com , you can see attachment with the config.plist , i need help as i cant work and its really critical . config.plist
  3. Hi, I need a solution to Premiere freeze at export despite install lilu 1.3.9 and WhateverGreen 1.3.4 , is there any solution as the card works perfect overall but keep freezing when exporting any video ?
  4. myehiaa

    Mojave Best Compatible card

    Hello , I need help to choose the best compatible card to my newly upgraded Mojave in any vendor in range (4-6G RAM) and to be great in Rendering . Also i need the drivers if you can as i will buy it tonight
  5. So what should i buy as i need more rendering power (4-6G Ram )and to be fully supported on my Mojave Hackintosh ?
  6. Does this version Nvidia Web Driver - 387. support Nvidia Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Gaming OC 6G Graphics Card ?? I really need help today as i ordered this card and i can only stop it today ? and which version does it need if it support ?