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  1. Ok so im facing a choice, i can have the latest and greatest os x but only with the integrated gpu or a older os x version and the fast gpu, is their any benifit for using the newer mac os vs high sierra, i come from windows platform and as we all know there are times using the latest builds yield no benifit Sencond to the exact os x i will be needing what tools do I need to get this setup, ive tried reading and gettimg a handle on it, i understand because i have a x64 i have to do something with the bootloader but to be honest im a little lost in what tools i need, could anyone recommend a good tut, guide w/e as a reference point
  2. I am fairly new to this so, lol go easy on me guys I dug around and did some reading, it appears I may be in for quite a ride, my daily driver is an Asus ROG Maximus Impact VII board supporting 16GB Ram an Intel i7-4790k and a MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X I plan on using one of my two SSD's to install macOS but where to even begin is where I am at, I heard Nvidia drivers are tricky with macOS least I am using Intel CPU and not AMD as i hear my problems would be worse my questions are as followed Is my setup supported, the MB is a z97 chipset I believe its a bit dated but does the job and second and more importantly, due to my GPU will I be able to pull this off at all I did manage to get Catalina working in a vmware but as anyone knows you really don't have full GPU support going that route so I am now looking into the process of getting a iso built for PC but thats where my knowledge sorta ends, I know it has to be patched and hacked together (If my build will work at all) If anyone could kindly point me in the direction of the basics, guides on what macOS I will need and tools/utilities recommended that would be greatly appreciated I can find what I need on my own without diving into copyright and Piracy concerns lol so a list of needed things and where to start will sufice, if anyone has any suggestions or tips to make this whole process smoother I am game for input there too Thanks In Advance Sincerely The guy who is starting another project lol
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    Hi all, Im new here myself, starting something new, lol always have projects going and this seems like something fun I used to be a huge MAC fan back when but it was always the price point that got me, seen it was possible to get macOS up and running and figured why not? Right! Anyway Pleasure to meet you all and now let the games begin