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  1. @artur_pt what touchpad solution work with this laptop? Acer Aspire 5741G is similar to your "P. B. TM 86" I can´t get "tap" nor "two finger" gestures and trackpad pref pane is disabled with Rehabman Voodoo PS2 keyboard/mouse. It used to work on ElCapitan Do you have gestures or tap??
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    @ludox What touchpad solution work with this laptop?? I can´t get "tap" nor "two finger" gestures and trackpad pane is disabled with Rehabman Voodoo PS2 keyboard/mouse. It used to work on ElCapitan Do you have gestures or tap??
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    Good! I working on tweak Clover and enable Audio with Lilu/AppleALC, thanks a ton for the tips :-) I have 3 more questions :-) : 1- what is for "nvam.plist" and drivers64UEFI drivers? - AppleImageCodec-64.efi - AppleKeyAggregator-64.efi - FirmwareVolume-64.efi - SMCHelper-64.efi 2- OsxAptioFix2Drv-64.efi or OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi? 3- I can put Lilo and AppleALC in CLOVER/kexts/10.12? nos vemos
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    @ludox do you have audio working OOB in this laptop? In mine I need to patch AppleHDA and use DummyHDA.kext All other stuff is working: lid sleep/wake ... sleep ... backlights ... fn keys In the past I have battery status but I lose it .. I upload my tweaked DSDT and config.plist ... that is working with ElCapitan. I will adapt for High Sierra. UPDATE: I actually installed High Sierra in this laptop. DSDT.aml.zip config.plist.zip
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    bien!! ... voy a mirarlo. gracias!
  6. wow! @artur_pt thanks!!!, your config.plist do the trick ... I could boot and install macOS I compare your config.plist with mine and just wanna know what make it work. In yours: -- Fixes are disable -- Patches are disable -- DropTables are disable -- HaltEnabler has Generate > CStates and PStates to "true" -- Removed BootGraphics -- Removed ScreenResolution -- CsrActiveConfig is at 0x67 from original (0x3E7) Which are the settings that prevent the "ACPI Exception AE_NOT_FOUND" error?? Thanks a ton man
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    Hi @ludox I have this laptop too, Acer Aspire 5741G with ATI HD 5470 working really fine on ELCapitan ... ATI framebuffer Nomescu all that stuff. Now I'm trying to move out to High Sierra without look, I can´t boot High Sierra USB installer. Could you, pleaseee, share your DSDT, Clover settings, used kext ...??. Will be great! Regards!
  8. Hi there! I had been trying install High Sierra in a working Laptop with ElCapitan. The model is an "Acer Aspire 5741g with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 and Core i3-330M" As I've said before, this setup is working realy fine with ElCapitan: - ATI Radeon HD 5470 framebuffer/InjectEDID/... set in Clover - SMBIOS MacBookPro6,2 - sleep/wakeup - Fn keys: Volume, Mute, Brightness I trying to boot with High Sierra USB Installer but always it's stuck on this point ... ACPI Exception: AE_NOT_FOUND ... What I can do next?? Thanks pals. config.plist.zip
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    @trupetiago ... do you solve it? Sames here any advice??
  10. Hello. I have two PC, one desktop with a ASUS P5K-PRO board and the other a Laptop Acer Aspire 5741, both with 'El Capitan'. Desktop have an ALC883 layout 1 and on Laptop an ALC272 layout 3. Both system have working audio with DummyHDA and Clover on-the-fly patching. I want to know is posible merge both DummyHDA on one, shared with the two system. Right know I have a common Clover partition image shared with two, each system have a folder with own 'config.plist', kexts, 'dsdt': /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/OEM/Aspire 5741G /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/OEM/P5K PRO Thanks
  11. It work!!! with Chris tools. I copy El Capitan to a old 150Gb SATA1 HDD. it Really fast even in this slow HDD, posting from ElCapi now. Now I going to set all my apps, mail, homebrew, ... then I´ll copy it to my SSD and enjoy it :-) Thanks for advice!
  12. Hello @spakk I had register on Chirs Montreal page but I was imposible for me found an 'El Capitan HD.app' download link. Do you have it? .. send me on PM.
  13. I have two hackintosh one desktop and one laptop with same OSX, Yosemite. First I install on desktop and the copy partition with CCC to HDD laptop. And make too Clover OEM settings for both PC´s each one with own DSDT and Clover Kext patch´s. @elviejo, you say that in Yosemite I can install to my second HDD with 'Install OS X El Capitan GM Candidate.app'? . If I do this it install an 'OSX installer' on HDD. I want put osx files: System, usr, Usuarios, Library, ... on this HDD and then boot with Clover and create a new fresh user. I see too that 'Essentials.pkg' install OSX files on HDD but not sure is a correct way to do. I was reading about @Cris1111 app like say @spakk. I don´t sure if I use this App when I install Yosemite directly to HDD one year ago, don´t remember. But I can use this app with GM edition?, this app carry a kernel relate to supported installers, Beta , Beta developers?? Thanks for your Time @elviejo @spakk
  14. Is this possible ? I want install from ElCapita GM to a connected HDD without USB installer Step. Right now I have a working Yosemite CloverEFI on a Core2 Duo E8400, Asus P5K-Pro, Geforce g210. Thanks for the hardwork