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  1. QE/IC on Ati x200 and x200m work in progress

    So... this is a Fake Topic??? Yes???
  2. ATI 200M - Possible Solution?

    This is "the answer" to my question? I not ask this.... The point is a lot of people search for this solution today, because Dell, Acer, HP, Compac and toshiba uses this graphics card in good notebooks. The "age" of Graphics Card is not the point, the point is callisto fix. Please. I dont want QE/CI because i know is impossible, I want to change the resolution to 1280x800 without callisto fix. Is possible?
  3. ATI 200M - Possible Solution?

    Hello People.. I install again Kallyway 10.5.2 in my Notebook with ATI m200 chipset, and before install callisto fix, the performance of the video card are very good, no 1280x800, but PERFORMANCE is very acceptable. After install callisto fix, the video card give only 48MB (256 are configureded) and the performance of video fall more then 50%., but the resolution change to 1280 x 800. the question is: There are other way to change screen resolution to 1280x800 on ati 200m (id5975) without install callisto fix???? LETS GO MENS!! There a lot of notebooks with this card... We want this... we 2 years waiting!!!! Think in this!
  4. Radeon Xpress 200M

    Anybody can CONFIRM this information???? The ATI 200M 1100 run with QE/CI in MAC OSX 10.4 (Tiger)???? The problem is only Leopard OS? Please... there are 2 yrs wainting... don't forget us!.. A lot of people have this Card on Notebook. PS: Sorry my English
  5. ATI Radeon 200m Mobility Chip RS400(PCI-E)

    Wow... How you do this?? please... What the version of Tiger??? I need this ... Please, help us!
  6. ATI X200? Why NOT?

    Really? mmm... f... the problem is the adobe CS3 programs.. do not run in Tiger 10.4.8.
  7. ATI X200? Why NOT?

    Tiger? I try to install in tiger 10.4.8, with callisto and the problem is the same. NO QE/CI.
  8. ATI X200? Why NOT?

    Hello Guys. I try to "Remake" the Question: WHY THE ATI RADEON 200M NOT WORK WITH QE/CI???? The ubuntu linux Live CD works full with this ati chipset... It's incredible not have chance to work in Leopard! Please, don't forget this chipset... there a lot of people wainting for this solution. Regards. PS.: Sorry my english...
  9. This acer is semelhant to Aspire 3100 with ATI x200 Chipset. The only way to use leopard is 10.5.2 kalliway. First start the computer with DVD JAS 1.4.8 (tiger) and begin stallation. Desmount the FAT and remout using Disk Utilities. Reboot the machine with the Kaliway 10.5.2 DVD and install without any video driver ou ATA controler. Sorry my english!
  10. Hello people! I did it! Kaliway 10.5.2 Intel/Amd ss2 and ss3 DVD Notebook Acer Aspire 3100 - 1551: Processor: Mobile AMD Sempron 1.8 Ghz (Full work native) RAM: 2Gb 667Mhz (Full work native) Graphics: ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 in x200 Chipset (Full 1280x800 but no QI/QE and no Aceleration) use Katana/Calisto kexts HD: 80GB (Full work native) Lan: Healteck 8319 (Full work native on stalation) Wifi: Broadcom 4318 (Full work native with less modify on plist) NOTE: The Kalliway DVD do not recognize FAT HDD partitions, showing the error "Still Wainting for a root device" on DVD boot, The only DVD if recognize this HDD is the Tiger 10.4.8 JAZ, so, you have to start using this DVD, remount the partition using Disk Utilities and reboot the machine with Kaliway DVD... and now.. the instalation will be Start with sucess! Thanks to people on this forum ho give me help and drivers PS.: Sorry my english!
  11. Radeon Xpress 200M

    heeeeeeeellllp???? No DIVX, No MOV... FLASH so slow!! Please!!! Pleeaaaassee!!!! I need this solution!
  12. Tiger 10.4.8 Jas em um Acer 3100

    Eu tenho um Apire 3100 - 1551 e instalei o 10.4.8 JAS (q é o unico q inicia a instalação) e os drivers do Prepressman que o Fusc@o comentou.... tudo funfo blz até q cheguei na placa wireless Broadcom q infelizmente não consgui fazer funcionar, não sei se derrepente naum intendi o tuto q ele mandou... se alguem me der uma luz, ainda vou meter devolta o OSX nesse Acer e sair dessa vida sofrida com windows.