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  1. All is well now. Seems like it was on the Windows side. I reinstalled the High definition Driver and Disabled Windows Update service. Everything is sticking now and I have sound on both Windows 10 and Catalina.
  2. That didn't work. It's strange because in Windows 10, when I start Youtube, there is no sound and the video shows a playback error. Clearly some issue with the way drivers is getting screwy. Device Manager does not list Microphone Array (the NUC has a microphone) which has Realtek drivers. That has always been a clue for me to know if the sound will work or not. Whenever I reinstalled drivers (as described above) for the time before reboot, Microphone Array would show and then sound would work through the HDMI monitor and youtube would play.
  3. Thanks. The Clover version is 5096 and a full dump is attached in the post above.
  4. Thanks. File attached. debug_29748.zip
  5. Yup - tried it. Didn't work. Wondering what else I could do...
  6. Hi All - quick thing - I have a NUC 8i7BEH with 32GB RAM and 2 x 1TB SSD drives. Each drive has its own OS - Windows 10 and Catalina 10.15. Clover works well - Catalina Boots, so does Windows. Catalina - has sound over HDMI (to my monitor's speakers) Windows - no audio device found - It does show Realtek and Intel Display Drivers - but the speaker has a red"x" and in Devices, there is no entry for Microphone Array under Audio Input/Output. It does, however, show Intel display over the HDMI - but actually no sound. I have tried reinstalling Realtek drivers - now here's the thing...when it installs, it first uninstalls existing Realtek drivers - at this stage (and it's important) the sound starts working - as if uninstalling did the trick. As part of the installing, I have to reboot and upon reboot, it actually reinstalls the Realtek drivers. After that, I'm back to square 1. Unsure if it's the config.plist or boot args in clover. But something with Clover for sure. I have tested this by removing the Mac Drive with clover and just booting directly to Windows 10 bootloader and everything works as it should, I have sound over HDMI and the audio device shows. Just not when I boot with Clover. has anyone experienced this and have thoughts or pointers. Thanks a ton!