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  1. Thanks a lot @tluckfor your continuing help. Your old kext (and the SSDT) does indeed solve the problem, but the reason I did not originally use it is because it produces very jerky and imprecise movement with the trackpoint. However, I worked out that I had an incorrect ACPI path for my PS2 controller in the SSDT and, by correcting this, I now have perfect Trackpoint and Clickpad function with Acidanthera's latest version of VoodooPS2 (2.1.0). With that, I now have a perfectly functioning, dual-booting T470 Hackintosh: - Wifi and bluetooth (with a DW1560 card) - SD card reader (no kext required) - Display brightness etc. - Battery life comparable to Windows - CPU power management - USB, USB-C and USB-C charging - Clickpad and Trackpoint. Thanks a lot to you and everyone else in this thread for helping me to build this.
  2. Hi, I tried the kext you linked to, same problem unfortunately. Here's a quick screen recording so you can see what happens as I scroll over links (middle button pressed and held down just once). @tluck, thanks to you too. I checked my settings are as you suggested. Acidantera's version 2.0.4 has MouseMiddleScroll commented out in the code. Screen Recording 2019-12-01 at 22.14.46.mov
  3. I've been using Acidanthera's latest (2.0.4) version of VoodooPS2 for a while, and it works almost perfectly. But one major problem I have is that scrolling using a combination of the middle button with the touchpoint triggers tens of tabs to be opened if the cursor passes over a link while scrolling. Was this one of the fixes you were expected had been incorporated? Is there any way to disable the middle click and instead use that button only for scrolling?