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  1. birdbird

    OpenCore Discussion

    OK, this worked! I didn't use the whole file but I copied over a number of the flags. I also noticed that I had "vanderpool technology" (the good kind of virtualization) turned off in UEFI. However, I think the flags relating to "slide", i.e. osxaptiofix2 or whatever, are what I needed. This got me booted but sound isn't working. Also, I continue to have an issue with the OpenCore menu taking a very very long time (multiple minutes) to appear. I tried setting a more restrictive ScanPolicy (SATA, USB, APFS, HFS, 0x2010303 or something like that) and while it accepts the flags as valid, this did not reduce how long it takes to get to the menu. Help is, as always, appreciated. EDIT: Between turning off Windows 8 Secure Boot and having OC reset NVRAM, either that or disabling nearly all the various drives I had attached, I got it to go very quickly to the boot menu. However now it's not showing the installer... trying 0.53 and the new 10.15.1 install APP...
  2. birdbird

    OpenCore Discussion

    I'm trying to migrate to OpenCore from Clover. I took my existing install, got rid of the Clover folder, set up the OC folder according to the Vanilla Guide, and also copied over the BOOT folder from the 0.51 zip file. The only thing (AFAIK) I did different from the Vanilla Guide was keeping my existing DSDT and SSDT, which I use to get my overclock used. When I boot into my Mac SSD, it just hangs at the BIOS screen. No further information, just the POST and then it sits there. As such, I'm stumped. I'm running a Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H with an 3570k and RX 580 video card. I've been using this as a hackintosh for years, so hopefully I can keep doing so! I would really appreciate any help or advice! What I've done so far: - turned off my custom SSDT made with powergen.sh way back when - added the EC SSDT per the vanilla guide - removed an old Apple folder that was hanging out there I'm pretty well at a loss here because I'm not getting any error messages, so any help would be appreciated! I'm attaching my EFI folder with my system's serial numbers and UUID scrubbed. Thanks in advance! EFI.zip
  3. birdbird

    OpenCore Discussion

    I'm only allowed to upload 10mb... I'll upload each directory in the EFI folder... I discovered the APPLE folder under EFI has some large files: APPLE/EXTENSIONS/Firmware.scap APPLE/FIRMWARE/IM131.scap Should I delete these? The uploaded files are the rest of the stuff under EFI Please note I deleted my SMBIOS information. I just copied over the working values from my Clover config. That section of the OC config.plist is intentionally empty. Thanks!