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    GT710 not showing as audio device

    Nobody? Does nobody here run hackintosh in a VM? I must say the community is pretty confused, with several options to do even the slightest thing, most of which have either been deprecated or plain don't work. Hats off to anybody who even sticks at this game.
  2. sej7278

    GT710 not showing as audio device

    I noticed that Hackintool shows the Nvidia PCI devices - both GFX and Audio, but in the Audio tab it doesn't list it! I've got AppleALC, Lilu and WhateverGreen installed and running (removed VoodooHDA) and the id configured, but they still don't fix the issue.
  3. I've been trying to sort out a libvirt/qemu Catalina VM using VFIO passthrough. I've got USB keyboard and mouse sorted, and my GT710 is working for graphics, however it isn't even recognised as an audio device (monitor plugged in via HDMI). I've exhausted all of the libvirt possibilities and am starting to think its a macOS issue, I'm a bit new to macOS (well had a mac mini years ago but mainly for plex). Looking around the forums there seems to be a lot of HDMI audio problems - does macOS not support HDMI audio out-of-the-box? I bought a GT710 specifically as it has built-in support including metal. There seems to be a myriad of kext fixes from AppleHDA, HDMIAudio, AppleALC, VoodooHDA but most seem to be deprecated, so its a bit confusing which one to use. I tried a few things in Clover (HPET, FixHDA, Inject Kext etc.) and installed WhateverGreen, Lilu and AppleALC but they didn't fix the issue and actually didn't seem to even load. A lot of the posts here seem to be for people who have an audio device but no sound (DP to HDMI remapping?) but I don't even have a sound device. Interestingly I tried adding an ICH9 and ICH6 virtual soundcard and they weren't detected either - not sure if they're supported by macOS, but seems this virtual mac just hates audio! It was initially a Catalina beta 10 install, but its now GM 19A583 Any ideas? Here is my libvirt XML