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  1. So basically all you did was copy noxin's guide and add in word for word all of the steps I personally figured out. Then you claim that you figured it all out? If anyone is wondering how to get sleep working, just search nb205 snow leopard and find the original guide. Everything in that thread is working perfectly.
  2. Just finished my own G5 mod. I mounted a tray on some standoffs for my matx board and ran jumpers to custom made panel mounts. I also went for the original G5 motherboard rear panel approach and sawed off the section needed. But I have hit a snag, my hackintosh continues to give me "usb current overdraw notice" every time i plug something other than say my usb bluetooth adapter into the adapter i created. When i plug in a hard drive, i get the error over and over again. I will have to rip the computer apart again so that i can look at my adapter, although i am sure it is not my soldering as i triple checked for bridges and such. Anyway, when i get everything running smooth i will post up some pics.