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  1. The following files exist on the github: a) Clover.app-v1.11-5100.zip b) Clover_v2.5k_r5100.pkg c) CloverISO-5100.tar.lzma d) CloverV2-5100.zip e) CLOVERX64.efi.zip Is (a) for installing as an app on OSX? What is it for? What is (b) for, the .pkg? Not exactly familiar with .pkg. I've seen it used in UNIX, but I believe it's also a PKG format for installing packages on OSX. So, what is the difference between this (b), and (a)? (a) is labeled v1.11-5100, while (b) is labeled v2.5k_r5100. (c) contains only this file, Clover-v2.5k-5100-X64.iso, which I assume is a pre-bootloader. (d) looks like the NON ISO version, to build an ISO? (e) Contains CLOVERX64.efi, which is the same CloverX64.efi for Clover.app-v1.11-5100 and CloverV2-5100.zip Thanks for any explanations.
  2. VM: VMWare Workstation Pro 15.5 Installed Paolo unlocker 3.0.3 fork (though I fixed the DrDonk version so it would download the utilities, then run the patcher and whatever else it does) Main OS: Windows 10 Ent 64 Guest OS: Catalina with guest OS extensions installed (darwin.iso) I have an NVMe and use UEFI, and never could get Mojave to install or work. Followed instructions with clover. With catalina and unlocker, I didn't use Clover. I checked UEFI bios in VMware Workstation and booted the Catalina DMG/ISO image and installed from there. Then installed the VMware Darin tools package. I guess now darwin.iso is a big ass file? Anyway, is Clover necessary with Workstation Pro and a UEFI/EFI Windows host system & a NVMe drive and Catalina? Today I tried to boot up Catalina using VMware and it was stuck in a boot loop that said Your computer restarted due to a problem ...". Reset some things, didn't fix it. Re-ran unlocker 3.0.3 and it corrected it. When Catalina booted up, I saw this message: panic(cpu 7 caller 0xffffff7f9d3edb8d): "DSMOS: SMC read error K0: 133"@/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/com.apple.xbs/Sources/DontStealMacOS/DontStealMacOS-30.0.1/Dont_Steal_MacOS.cpp:191 *eye roll* Guess Ill have to disable Catalina updates? I'm also logged in as some sort of app developer, so it is downloaded all kinds of updates and betas or whatever it does.