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  1. I tried the Qflash plus (which the UD4P has) but unfortunately it did not work. The red light flashed suggested it was updating the bios but afterwards when I rebooted it, it was the same. It just goes into a restart loop. But worse news is that I got a similar motherboard of ebay delivered today. It booted up ok first, but I noticed it was showing 47ghz so I thought I'd reset it and rather than resetting bios which is what I should have done, I cleared the CMOS and I've only gone and killed this board too!!!! :-( The strange thing is, when you turn off the power, all the lights on the motherboard go after a short while, and then it comes on again briefly. I think that might be when I cleared the CMOS, which has probably damaged it somehow. I think I might have tried to clear the CMOS on the first board too, so maybe thats what damaged it. I've cleared CMOSes on boards for years without any problems and now it looks like I might have killed 2 in a week because of it. hm, now what do I do..
  2. Is that possible if the computer doesn't POST/reach the bios? The monitor doesn't even activate. Normally I use the bios to update the bios.
  3. I had my Gigabyte X99/5820K/Nvidia 980ti working nicely with HighSierra using this guide https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/success-i7-5820k-gtx-970-ga-x99-ud4-high-sierra-10-13-clover-guide-100-working.240052/. Getting X99 working was definitely trickier than the mainstream boards at the time but doable and stable once configured. Unfortunately my X99 board seems to have just died. Computer seems to power on but monitor doesn't engage and wont POST. So, now I'm wondering whether to : a) replace the X99 board but cant find the exact same board and wonder what compatibility will be like for another board b) get a z370 and new CPU but concerned about compatibility with my 980TI for future OS and deal with ongoing faff c) get a real imac/macbook pro and pay big $$ for less performance
  4. Hello, I'm running High Sierra on my hackintosh (Gigabyte UD4P X99 with 5820K 6core). My machine no longer boots up - not quite sure what happened. Monitor doesn't engage and it wont reach POST BIOS. Removed everything but ram cpu and vga. Tried different vga cards and monitors but no joy. The fans spin up on the cpu, case and vga card, some leds light up, no beeps from the speakers and no video output. I suspect it's the motherboard (although it could be the cpu) - so debating either replacing with a used X99 board or upgarding to Z390 with a 9900k chip. Question is.. will I be able to boot up my existing hackintosh in either scenario replacing the motherboard? What is likely to be more compatible? Another X99 board but keep the same chip (x99 was a bit fussy in the first place) or a z390 board with 9900 (completely different but more mainstream) Thanks! Tom