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  1. calibrae

    Icon next to KEXT in booted EFI

    That I did. I just thought there was more to it. Trugarez !
  2. calibrae

    Icon next to KEXT in booted EFI

    Thanks for answering and pointing out my shortcomings, but I didn't learn anything from your reply. Ok, it's tags, and so, what does they mean? Maybe a link to a webpage teaching stupid me what are they?
  3. calibrae

    Beginner need help!!!

    Have you tried Glasgood's ? https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/337837-glasgoods-macos-mojave-successguide-for-aorus-z390-pro/
  4. Hello, I got some weird icons next to some kext in the EFI. What do they mean? Thanks
  5. calibrae

    Slow mojave on i9 9900k / Aorus Z390

    Tried with mine, didn't complete the boot. I had a lot of errors, and it stopped on "legacy shim" I can try to snap a picture if needed
  6. calibrae

    Slow mojave on i9 9900k / Aorus Z390

    Here you go Send me calis-iMac-Pro.zip Thanks for answering !
  7. Hi guys, First post here. My setup: Mobo: GB AORUS ULTRA Z390 CPU: i9 9900K GPU: 480RX BT: Asus BT400 usb dongle SSD: SAMSUNG EVO 970 1TB Following Glasgood tutorial I've been able - after struggling for a couple days - to run Mojave. Still, when I compare my geekbench score to some other running a similar setup, I'm 4 times slower... Magic trackpad 2 lags a little bit sometimes too. Since this is my first hack and my main workstation, I feel a bit wary of messing with my clover settings. If anyone would be so kind as to check I didn't mess up too badly, I'd be very grateful. Thanks all and cheers ! PS: If I forgot a forum rule, please tell me before banning.. :) CLOVER.7z bootlog.txt
  8. calibrae

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi, Nicolas from Lyon, France, thank you all in advance for your help