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  1. Gentlemen, I just got myself a brandnew MBP and moved to the following three partition setup right away: Partition 1: 50 GB HFS (OSX) Partition 2: 100 GB FAT32 (shared data) Partition 3: 50 GB NTFS (WinXP) Dual Booting using the standard boot process works like a charm. However, I really would like to use Truecrypt for encrypting Partition 2 and 3 since I will have quite a bit of important company data on these partitions. When I try to encrypt the system drive under XP Truecrypt complains that it needs a 32 KB empty space at the head of the disk for being able to install its boot loader. Now my question: Will rEFIt be the solution for enabling booting a truecrypted XP partition on an MBP? I haven't tried it yet but will do so shortly. I would just like to get any opinion / ideas / hints / potential problems / "why it will never work" explanations / etc. that might be floating around in your heads before I start wasting a lot of time on this. Thanks for any input on this! Cheers from the Black Forest, Mathias