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  1. I jailbroke a new ipod touch 3g 32gb with the blackra1n software. It has been working fine for last 3 weeks. today morning when I checked it, it was showing the receovery mode screen(usb cable and itunes). I connected it to itunes on my pc, and it says it detected an ipod in recovery mode and needs to be restored. What should I do. If I restore I will lose all 20gb of music I have put on there since then.
  2. I just cant get this to work. Tried the fix in the sticky on the updates/releases subforum but doesnt help. The device shows up in system profiler but does not mount and is not in the disk utility.10.5.2 kalyway on GA-p35 D3sl board!!!!
  3. Netgear WG111 v2 USB dongle

    is it working with WPA2?
  4. Where can I get AppleHDA Patcher

    Here you go.... AppleHDAPatcher_v1.20.zip
  5. ALC888 GIgabyte GA-P35 D3sl onboard

    I installed the Kalyway 10.5.2 and out of the box I had stereo audio but it wouldnt work smoothly. It would start and then go into some kinda loop then return, and again. So it was close to useless for me. Searching around this forum, I found an installer for the ALC888 that I ran. When I clicked restart after finishing install, it said something about rebuilding the cache and it will shutdown after that. Now its back up and there is no audio. In sound settings, there is no output device. Earlier it used to say HD sound or something. How do I fix this guys???
  6. Netgear WG111 v2 USB dongle

    finally got it working by setting to WEP instead of WPA2...no more disconnects
  7. Netgear WG111 v2 USB dongle

    I tried the Kalyway 10.5.2 and selected the rtl8187L drivers during install. After loading, I opened the realtek utility and I could see my AP, clicked connect, entered my key and it said connected but after 3 seconds, it disconnected. kept doing forever. checked the network configuration under System preferences and saw it as ethernet but with selfassigned IP(169.xxx.xxx.xxx). How do I get this to work????
  8. I read a thread about this adapter. I installed the rtl8187l drivers and in the relatek wireless utility, I can see my wireless network. I click connect after entering the key. it connects, stays on for 5 seconds and then disconnects. I cannot get a reliable enough connection to browse. Also under network, for ethernet #1 it says self assigned ip 169.xxx.xxx.xxx which means it didnt get an ip from the router. ANybody got a fix for this?
  9. 8400GS problem

    I installed Kalyway's 10.5.2 on a C2D 2160 with an 8400GS card. In the installation I selected NVinject 256 drivers. OSX loads fine and I checked display properties, the resolution was 1680 x 1050. My monitor's native res. However in system profiler, it says "Nvidia card or something". In glview extensions viewer, it detects it correctly as 8400gs and passes all tests at 2xAA/8xAF. Also it says features like qc are available/enabled. I tried to run a copy of doom 3 I got from my friend(he has a macbook pro) and I can hear the sound but video is black screen. Is there a way to fix this.