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  1. ECS G41T-M (V2.0) 10.6.2

    My understanding is that the onboard X4500 are not supported by OSX at all. I'd say toss a video card in there and see if that helps. Quick update on my install, I've been trying to follow Wenter's guide and had run into some challenges. For a lark I tried the newest 1.0 release of MyHack Installer and I'm now booting successfully! Still haven't gotten my network config working, but I'm past the biggest hurdle at least.
  2. ECS G41T-M (V2.0) 10.6.2

    Excellent! Thanks for posting the guide, I'll give that a shot on my board.
  3. ECS G41T-M (V2.0) 10.6.2

    I tried using the MyHack Installer method today and did not have any luck. I tried booting from a patched Snow Leopard installer via a USB flash drive as well as via a hard with Snow Leopard fully installed and patched from another system. Boot would always stall at a message something along the lines of "ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - wait for service..." This is with PC_EFI V10.5. Tried both with and without the -x flag. I'll try Empire EFI next so see if I have any better luck with it. My system specs: ECS G41T-M (V2.0) Intel E7400 Core 2 Crucial Ballistix 2 GB Western Digital 1 GB on SATA port 1 All BIOS options were set to what looked like reasonable settings based on my experience with another ECS board (ECS 945 GCT).
  4. Thanks for the detailed info! Once my board gets back from being repaired by Asus I'll give this a spin.
  5. ECS G41T-M (V2.0) 10.6.2

    Ditto scushkadee's request for more info from anyone else who has used this board successfully. I've had good luck with other ECS boards in the past, but this one is new to me. I've had good luck with the MyHack Installer in the past, so I'm thinking that will be the first method I try. I'll post back in this thread with installation results and anything else I find.
  6. I tried this trick and sleep is now working for me as well! That was the last missing piece for me, my system is now working pretty much perfectly.
  7. Great find! I'll have to give this a shot tonight in Snow Leopard. I've been busy with other projects for a couple weeks and haven't had a chance to play with this board much lately. Out of curiosity, were there any BIOS settings that you had to tweak? Also, what BIOS version are you running?
  8. I'm running in 32 bit mode and Bonjour64 works fine. From chatting with hagfish it sounds like he's not having the Bonjour/AFP etc. problems that I am at all, so maybe it's just something weird with my setup. Not sure on the Leopard shut down issue, that was never an issue for me. If you haven't already, check out the big Leopard thread for this motherboard here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=82928 Maybe some there has some ideas.
  9. Quick update: after installing Bonjour64 both AFP and other Bonjour based services such as iTunes music sharing are now working properly. You can pick it up at http://www.kexts.com/view/125-bonjour64:_a...4-bit_snow.html Thanks to Weaksauce12 for putting this together; I'd link directly to his site but it's blocked for some reason. This is definitely not as optimal of a solution as a kext or DSDT patch, so if anyone has any other ideas here please jump in.
  10. I have been using Time Machine without incident for several days now. In general, everything feels quite stable and I'm not running into any odd issues except for sleep and AFP access. Not sure I'm quite brave enough to try 10.6.2 just yet. I'm hoping the MyHack installer is updated soon since I know at least one of the kexts currently included (sleepenabler) isn't 10.6.2 ready.
  11. I used kexthelper to install VoodooHDA and now my audio is working great! I'd tried following the DSDT patching guides first but couldn't figure them out. Still not having any luck with connecting to other AFP volumes via bonjour. I tried the new R1000.kext from another thread and no luck there. Also not having any luck with patching my DSDT to remove the need for patched IOATAFamily.kext. Any DSDT experts here that want to jump in and help?
  12. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    For me it was just a matter of running WeakSauce12's installer and rebooting. In my case, the interface was recognized previously but I wasn't able to connect to AFP volumes.
  13. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    I installed this on my Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L last night using WeakSauce12's installer and so far AFP, bonjour, etc. are all working great! Thanks to everyone who helped put this together, your work is greatly appreciated. I'll try this on my ECS 945GCT-M/1333 tonight and see how it works with the onboard RTL8101E.
  14. FWIW the options that I am using in MyHack 1.0 RC4.1 are as follows: com.apple.Boot.plist GraphicsEnabler AHCIPortInjector.kext AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext & IOATAFamily.kext FramebufferDisabler.kext IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext JMicronATA.kext LegacyAppleRTC.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext OpenHaltRestart.kext PlatformUUID.kext Sleepenabler.kext From what I read at http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=682, I'm thinking that if I get my DSDT built and patched properly I won't need the AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext & IOATAFamily.kext option anymore.
  15. For those interested in Snow Leopard, gtemkin and I are discussing our successful installs in a separate thread within the Snow Leopard Install forum. The new thread he has started specifically for Snow Leopard is here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1317764