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  1. Sigmatel 9872 audio help

    Hi everybody! I've got a sigmatel 9872 audio device and I can't make it work. I have no idea how to use kexts and stuff like that, I wonder if someone could help me to do it Thx!
  2. My sigmatel 9872 still doesn't work, it appears as if there was audio but there isn't. Any idea? Thx
  3. Discuss 8400M GT for Vaio only

    Thanks a lot dude, I'm trying it this afternoon and hope it works
  4. Discuss 8400M GT for Vaio only

    Wow fast reply mm sorry but I'm kind of noob here, how can I add these lines to the file? Is there any problem on being in VESA mode? Thx!
  5. Discuss 8400M GT for Vaio only

    Same problem here, my vaio is fz11z with 8400 and although I don't have any problem with the display I can't really change the resolution, it's only 1024x768. I tried to install macvidia drivers but it doesn't do anything :S Any idea?