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  1. Now I can tell that I have seen everything. I have one particular bug that bothers me, Im running Iatkos v7 with psystar OHR kext, it started happening recently (I believe after system update but may be its just coincidence because there were no point updates just quicktime and itunes and java). Basically when I press shutdown in OSX computer turns off (fast as usual) by off I mean OFF no lights no fan no activity totaly off. In 3-5 seconds it turns on and starts booting up, wtf? I tried repair premissiong which gave it a 10 seconds leght (permissions always dont match on quicktime plugings and codecs as it says). Well after that 10 seconds off and then same thing it switches off. I tried googling but it doesn't help, nothing useful comes out. Can someone please help
  2. [Guide] GA-EP45-UD3 retail install guide!

    Hey mate just as an update it didnt work:( the one what for my mobo. Gave me the same error even though the iso I got said to have following kexts How is the progress on your ISO going?
  3. DFE's BOOT-132 Resources Thread

    Can please anyone help me build the Boot 132 ISO for my mobo? I just need to install Retail Leo (I have 10.5.6 DVD). My hardware is GA-EP35C-DS3R (Q6600), 4GB DDR2 800 Ram, 2x 500GB WD Sata 2 drives; GeForce 9800 GTX 512 DDR3. My main problem is that every boot 132 ( I tried 4 different ones) game me this kernel panic before I even get to install. Im really desperate to get my PC working, my uni started and I still don't have system up and running.
  4. [Guide] GA-EP45-UD3 retail install guide!

    Thanks for the help, I think I will wait for you, because I cant use tool for making ISO since its Under MAC OSX and I dont have it installed yet. I also need to learn the tutorial cuz Im new to this thing. Can you PM me when you compile the CD. By they way do you think THIS ONE will work? I have EP35C-DS3R mobo.
  5. Boot-132 GA-EP35C-DS3R begging for help

    Tried different boot loader (number 4 already) same thing, this time I done if verbose mode and took a snap shot. Any suggestions?
  6. [Guide] GA-EP45-UD3 retail install guide!

    Can someone help? Im quite new this stuff keeps happening, tried 4 different boot 132 cds PLZ help BTW I have Retail 10.5.6 DVD
  7. Boot-132 GA-EP35C-DS3R begging for help

    To be honest I just started to learn OSX a few months ago but because of my work and study I had no time to dig into it. So unless there is a guide or something, Im afraid I might not make it on my own. Any way you could help me out in so way? P.S Are you sure that my problem is in the sound and nothing else? I would greatly appreciate. To snackole Meaning? Press f9? or type it in darvin loader?
  8. Boot-132 GA-EP35C-DS3R begging for help

    And as usual no replies, does no one really cares about helping others here?
  9. People, I hate to create topics when I know that some already exist, BUT the problem I have tried and nobody answers my post. Please I need your help a lot, I wanted to break my PC in anger for the last 2 days. BEfore I used Kalyway I decided to switch to retail version. Now this is what happens, My Mainboard is GA-EP35C-DS3R (rare to find on this forum). I have always used the tutorials from P35 DS3XXX mobos and it always worked like a charm. So, I have downloaded P35 Boot 132 CD burned it, put it in come to darwin screen swap cds wait around 20 secs for the light to stop flashing. Press enter then put EF to boot from CD, YES I CAN SEE RETAIL DVD THERE. I start the boot and about 2 minutes into process I have a kernel panic. This is what is says:" panic (cpu 0 caller 0x00434A1F): Unable to find driver for this platform: \"ACPI\". n " @ . /Source Chache/xnu/xnu-1228.9.59/iokit/kernel/IOPlatform Expert. ccp: 1407" I have tried changing AHCI options (My bios is the last one F4) nothing helps, booting in -X didnt help as well. Please find attached file of what happens. To be honest with you guys I did not buy the DVD, I didnt have money since I payed for my tuition fees at uni and also because I was scared that somethign like this might happen and the money will be wasted. I got my image from BT (Retail 10.5.6) it was in the DMG file but I converted it to ISO through UtraISO in windows and burned it. But I clearly dont think that this is the reason. I really need your help, I will buy retail leo once I get my bonus in 2 months, just want to make sure it works. Can it be Boot 132 cd problem?
  10. Thanks man, now one more question, for the restart fix what did you use? When I used Kalyway the psystar kext for fix never worked for me.
  11. Greetings, I would really appreciate your help. I know you havent tested your tutorial with any other boards, but im willing 2 give it a try on my GA-EP35C-DS3R since other tutorials earlier worked fine for me. I wanted to ask, i cannot find tutorial for my mobo but I can find plenty of those similar to mine. Some of them ask to PATCH BIOS for some reason, do I really need to patch it or not (since your tutorial doesnt say anything about it)? I have Q6600 CPU not planning to upgrade for now, so was wondering if it is really necessary? Or I can just update the bios ? IS there anything else I should know?
  12. Guys tomorrow Im going to the computer shop to see what they have. My friends asked me to build a few rigs for them. I wanted to know can you please list what mainboards you are using and were able to get it work with Leopard. To Weaksauce 12 If it is not too hard weaksauce which boards did u manage do get it working? I rememeber you had a tutorial for last 2 main boards but cant find the model here since the topic grown quite big
  13. The Thread became massive, been going through sh... loads of pages. Guys I dont have spare money atm to buy a retail leopard, Im doing a clean install (after last screw up with 10.5.6 update) using Kalyway 10.5.2 then move to 5.3 -> 5.4->5.5->5.6 and so on. My board is GA-EP35-DS3R 1.Now here is what I have been curious about (since my last install of OSX was over 10 months ago), do u still use CHUD.pkg to fix shutdown/restart issues or there is a newer way to do it? 2. In regards to the sound have there been anything new or PCwiz drivers are the ones to use?
  14. I know its frustrating as hell, what pissed me off more is that when I asked here in this thread about 2 months ago if it was safe to update 10.5.5 to 10.5.6 I got reply yeah it is go ahead you might only need to re-install a few kexts. I didnt update, then when I finally decided few days ago and the system just dies, the same person told me that its fine with Retail Leo under boot 132 method. Well its great but I believe anyone who followed this tutorial since the day it started used Kalyway DVD as it is used in Tutorial. And when the system is canned everybody just disapear without bothering to lay a simple help with terminal commands. Im happy Bol helped but Im still waiting for his reply here. I just need to delete kext from terminal thats all.
  15. I have spent 40 minutes in the terminal window but due to my lack of knowledge of the terminal commands I wasn't able to achieve anything. I use a whole HDD for my Leopard which is labeled as Hard Drive (with space in between). Which command do i use to navigate to a proper path? which command do I use to delete the kext (rm?). I have tried several but wasnt able to achieve anything it keeps telling me cant find file or directory. Is there any chance you can write me a small tutorial or anything how it is supposed to look like step by step, I would be very very grateful to you. Hopefully this is going to be the last thing. Thanks