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    [Success] HP ProBook 4x30s 4x40s

    Thanks, but I am keep getting this issue of not sleeping. when I repair permission It works for couple of times and then back again same problem. Is there any permanent fix for that? BTW I am using PBinstaller 6.1.7
  2. Tapash Datta

    [Success] HP ProBook 4x30s 4x40s

    Many thanks..Repair permission with kext wizard sorted it. but just for my future knowledge how do you check if the kext is loaded or not?
  3. Tapash Datta

    [Success] HP ProBook 4x30s 4x40s

    Hi. I have instaled GM on 4540s with myhack. Then booted with it and installed probook installer 6.1.7. Everything works except for sleep. Anyone else have same issue? How to fix it?
  4. I have tried couple of times to install making sure everything i'm doing is correct. So, I have found out that the 10.6.8 update is working perfectly fine with taptun kernel. but i can not see it on the Laptop screen. Out of curiosity i tried to access with VNC and SURPRISE!!! i can have access to the desktop So it might give you some clue what is going wrong. Please help. Now I am sure it is possible to install in my laptop but i am doing something or some settings needs to be changed, Can anyone help please? Thanks
  5. Ok, I'll give a try one more time and let you know. btw, can you please direct me the latest 10.6.8 patched kernel thanks
  6. Yes I did, I have replaced the pached kernel and used the parameters, but no hope
  7. Hi Thanks for your reply. Sorry I was away. Just came back. Actually I have managed to get inside 10.6.3 first i installed 10.6.3. I had native resolution. No kext detected for GPU. Then I installed [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and got sound, touchpad, ethernet working. Installed ralink RT3090 package for wireless. it worked, recognised as Ethernet. Now I could only get 10.6.3 working with legacy_kernel with arch=i386 maxmem=4096 Now This part is a disaster. following the Mammoth guide i tried to install 10.6.7. after reboot i got the screen like this (attachment). I cant get nowhere. I saw a 10.6.8 patched kernel. I have reinstalled 10.6.3 and installed 10.6.8 combo update result is the same. I tried to install Lion but cant have a clue what are the files necessary to get my installation running as it always stuck on the boot and reboots. Any idea how can i get my Pc running. I think i should go for lion than going through 10.6.3. I am trying to collect the model + dev pci ID from windows.
  8. Hi Pablo101 It worked for combination of both. thanks. So Is that mean, I cant use my 8GB ram? Is there a way of doing it? Also After installation, no sound, no wireless, no Trackpad, some USB Not working any clue Tried to update 10.6.7 but gets stuck on the booting screen. 10.6.3 boots only with NEWCOM Legacy kernel
  9. Hi all I am trying to install any mac os verion on my HP DV6 i5 460M, Tried 10.6.3 vanilla, hazard, iatkos s3, but no hope. I am getting installer to run but afte reboot laptop shuts down? see the attachment. anyone can please help me????
  10. Fist 2 screens from chamelron boot and the third one from the screen before shut down
  11. Hi everyone Thank you very much for the Tutorial. I have Manged to install 10.6.3 with the new 2.0 DVx i5i3 MIID image. Everything installs perfectly. Chameleon also works, But after chameleon loads the laptop shuts automatically!!! I have Added few screenshots. BTW I had to repartition the whole HDD into GUID as retail version would not install on MBR. During installation Trackpad did not work. Some of the usb port also frozen Can anyone show me some light please. Would be very much appreciated. Regards
  12. Tapash Datta

    does the tp-link TG-3269 works in snow leopard?

    It is working for me, OUT OF THE BOX I figured out RealtekR1000SL.kext and Apple8169.kext both are causing to put the card into self-assigned IP mode. So i happened to delete both of them and the magic happened. BTW i am using HAZARD 10.6.2. Good-Luck.
  13. I have installed Retail Leopard 10.5 tutorial from eeeboot on my 1000H and updated to 10.5.6 Bios updated from here: http://ipis-osx.wikidot.com/forum/t-153754...os-version-1902 Now after installing the kext so many times, so many different versions LAN is not working at all. Its not even in the list in network section of System preference. EDIT: I just reinstalled OS again. And realised that when update the software from apple there is one update called SECURITY UPDATE 2009-001 (something like that). before installing that update with 10.5.6 ethernet was working like charm. but after that update its not even in the list. So is there any possiblity to have some update on that kext please. probably somone else have the same issue. Thanks again
  14. I just recently bought an asus eee pc 1000h Is it possible to install leopard on it. Pls help