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    Random freezing (HP Z440 X99)

    Okay - I used the new DSDT you sent; unfortunately, the machine is still freezing. One freeze occurred after 10 minutes, and another after ~90 minutes.
  2. Discovery

    Random freezing (HP Z440 X99)

    Thank you; just sent you a PM with a link to the dump.
  3. Discovery

    Random freezing (HP Z440 X99)

    I'll have to acquire another one as nothing I've got kicking around is supported in 10.14 as far as I know. The card itself is an MSI Armor Radeon RX 580.
  4. I have a recently Hackintoshed HP Z440 created using a vanilla install, running Mac OS 10.14.6. It has a Xeon CPU with RX 580 graphics and 8GB of RAM. It has been running without any major issues except for the one described in this thread, except I am still in the process of getting audio consistently working via AppleALC. On occasion, sometimes a few times within an hour, sometimes only once or twice per day, the machine will lock up. If audio is playing, the sound will start looping. The cursor locks up, and *usually* the SATA activity LED on the front of the PC remains solid on. The machine has to be shut down with the power button, and upon rebooting, my open applications restore and its largely as if nothing happened. I cannot find any useful information in Console, nor does it generate any error messages/kernel panic warnings. This has made troubleshooting this particular problem rather agonizing. This issue may sound like one you've experienced or seen in other threads. There seems to be no shortage of people with random freezing issues. I've tried as many different remedies that people have reported. Here's what I can recall I've tried so far: Check BIOS settings for "Aggressive Link Power Management" - this does not seem to be an option in my BIOS. I did, however, disable a similar-sounding power management option but it has not changed anything. BIOS updated to latest version. Attempted disabling TRIM via trimforce (still shows as on in System Report though?) Disabled putting hard disks to sleep in System Preferences Run memory tests to verify good RAM What should I try next? There are many people using my same hardware without issues, so I'm not inclined to think its a hardware issue. ConfigCopy.plist