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  1. 9600M GT

    Did anyone got the automatic detection of display ports working ? i always have to restart mac and plug my lcd screen (hdmi) or my tft display (vga) to get it working. detection during mac osx is running doesn´t work, i click on detect displays but nothing..
  2. 9600M GT

    i used nvenabler 0.1 by fassl and the gt200 evga kexts of iatkos v7 distro don´t know if it works with sl did you install SL retail on your notebook ? didn´t tried to install SL yet.
  3. Got the same notebook aspire 6930 and i´m having same issue. its 100% a l1e
  4. 9600M GT

    Okay VGA is working Great, so it doesnt matter. Finally i can use my 22" LCD and my Notebook with Logic
  5. 9600M GT

    nice ! that did it for me, qe/ci and resolutions full supported ! just installed that nvenabler and evga gt200 from iatkos v7 dvd over my existing ipc system and after reboot i got qe/ci. only thing is hdmi, which is not working (vga not tested yet) but thats not the problem after a half year of testing and trying to get this gfx card working. thanks
  6. 9600M GT

    did that got qe/ci supported ?
  7. Logic Pro 8 with an unsopported card?

    to run logic without qe you can install logic with pacifist or copy the logic installer packages to your hdd -> right click -> "Paketinhalt anzeigen" (in german i thin in english it is Show content) -> then go into the folders -> go to the file "Requirements checker" -> right click show content -> there must be a minsys.plist or something like that an in this file you replace all the "block" with "warn". -> save the file an start the the setup -> the warning pops up but the installation can continued now hope that helps
  8. 9600M GT

    @time4fun: set your Graphics mode in your com.apple.boot.plist, if you dont know how search... @ Zoidberg: i could read my bios, i could give it to you if you want. could it be that the blackscreen has something to do with our 16" screens ???
  9. 9600M GT

    but there are a lot of peolpe here who got 9600m working... do you have an 16" screen in your notebook too ?
  10. NVCAP for 9600M GS/GT

    i used nvflash for dos and an bootable usb stick with dos to read bios rom
  11. NVCAP for 9600M GS/GT

    even when you try to read bios in dos ? my nvcap value is: 0400000000000d00400000000000000700000000 but my internal screen goes black when leopard is up.
  12. Acer 6930 installation

    still no graphic solution for the 9600m on 6930? got same black screen only hdmi is working
  13. NVCAP for 9600M GS/GT

    have you tried to make your own nvcap value with nvcapmaker and your graphic bios rom?
  14. 9600M GT

    darcio77 i have the same problem, found no solution yet. try to delete nvdaresman.kext and the black screen is gone but your card won´t work 100%
  15. 9600M GT

    hi ugokind still got no luck with my 9600m gs i think tank6b and me have the same issue with black screen. it has nothing to do with injectors i think, because it´s always the same thing ahh my hdmi out is working now but internal screen stays black (or i remove nvdraresman.kext than it works but hdmi etc.. won´t) maybe it´s related to nvcap? i´m going to build my string again...maybe it helps...