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  1. I've read about Policy. What is that? Maybe there's something on my MBP that is preventing the eGPU to work related to a policy? Anybody knows?
  2. Yes, trying to get the eGPU to work again. It used to work in Sierra... Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for the answer. Yes I also tried installing NVWebDriverLibValFix.kext, no luck. Btw, I can't install on emuvariabeuefi.efi, or any any clover folders because I am on a MacBook...
  4. I am on a MacBook Pro 13" with the AKiTio Thunder3 + 1050Ti, patched IOThunderbolt of course. Installed the latest driver, card appears listed, but the driver won't activate it. Tried installing NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext, no luck. Anybody has a suggestion for me? Thanks!!!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/cqcodxg5cscld3k/nvidia1.png?dl=0
  5. Hmmm. On my MBP, when I try to install the new driver I get "The Installer has encountered an issue with your system and the NVIDIA Web Driver may not install properly. Click Continue to proceed or click Cancel to abort the installation process." And it gets installed, and the video card appears, but it doesn't activate the card...
  6. I don't know, It's just that I've heard this in the past, before Sierra I remember to have read everywhere "Nvidia won't support macOS, because this and that", yet Nvidia's been working on both, drivers and CUDA software for macOS (Sierra in this case), and supporting every technology on Mac's, including OpenCL and Metal. I believe Apple dropped Nvidia because their hardware is more expensive, simple as that. We all see how nice a product looks, how stable an OS is, etc, etc; but for companies this is all about money, all about money. Apple does great things, but they always try to balance quality with "actual" product profit, while securing "future" product profit; you know, new products that they add couple of "megapixels" here, and this there, and blah there, you know what I mean. They stayed with the ancient Nvidia GT 750m for ages for a reason, one is production cost (keep their profit margins), while it was "enough" as they usually say, to do all the basics they wanted to achieve with their software; BUT kind of ended when AMD got better performance while keeping their reasonably costs, it was a great business because for Apple because, Nvidia GT 750m vs AMD Radeon Pro, it was like 50%+ improvement in performance in almost every aspect that involves a GPU today, while keeping almost the same cost of their products, so it's been a great business deal for Apple to stay with AMD. And well, I am also sure that this is not about hardware issues, because I've seen problems in both platforms for ages. Here's a "not too old" example of MacPro's having issues: https://www.macrumors.com/2016/02/06/late-2013-mac-pro-video-issues-repair-program/ So anyways, sorry, I write too much, lol... It's evident that Apple is been growing in general adoption, and now including VR, AR, and AI, will help Apple grow a lot more, and I am sure that Nvidia (company) won't miss that business opportunity... But yeah, we only have to wait and hope for the best.
  7. Big companies don't get into "revenge" or "jealousy", they simply care about selling their products, which means "making money", otherwise they won't be big. So, if the dinero is in the Apple environment, then that's the target, period. I am sure that Nvidia eventually will support High Sierra.
  8. (Surface2Pro+OSX+Yosemite) Hi. Just installed 10.10.2 and now I see graphic glitches everywhere, all the time, plus graphic redrawing is super slow, it's like there's no more QE+CI or anything. I have removed all the video patches and injections, and it's the same. Patched it all over again, including the console patch, but same thing. So graphics stop working and looks like all the previous hacks aren't working for 10.10.2... That's all I see so far.
  9. (Surface2Pro+OSX+Yosemite) Hi. Just wanted to comment two things. I had no USB 3.0 support. So I have downloaded the latest "GenericUSBXHCI.kext" and then removed the "gux_defer_usb2" in my config.plist boot parameters got it working. At least I can say that I get very good transfer speed and all my devices are detected perfectly. I am using a HUB USB 3.0 and all my Hard Drives are USB 3.0. The second thing is that I had some graphic corruption in some apps and windows, so I have added this patch to KernelAndKextPatches -> KextsToPatch And got rid of the graphics issues... Thanks.
  10. (Surface2Pro+OSX+Yosemite) Hi. Just wanted to comment that I have downloaded the latest "GenericUSBXHCI.kext" and then removed the "gux_defer_usb2" in my config.plist boot parameters and it looks like USB 3.0 is working ok now on my Surface 2 Pro. At least I can say that I get very good transfer speed and all my devices are detected perfectly. I am using a HUB USB 3.0 and all my Hard Drives are USB 3.0. Thanks.
  11. For those having problems with the SP2, the only way I've found to get it to boot/work is removing all DSDT and SSDT files, what we had for Mavericks won't work in Yosemite. Then after that Install the latest Clover version, use the kexts provided by "Pokenguy" and also, download the official Nullethernet from here: https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Null-Ethernet and place the provided " ssdt-rmne.aml" (rename it to ssdt.aml) so that way the Null Ethernet gets injected. Most things works, there are some things like the battery status that is not showing up, with or without the plug it says "power adapter", there are some graphics issues with some apps, audio works with VoodooHDA but if you use Garageband for example, it wont work properly when playing...
  12. [surface2pro first rev, 512gb, 8gb] Hi. I know this thread is for Surface Pro 1st gen, but just in case somebody can give me some advices how to proceed? I managed to fresh install Yosemite final using "Pokenguy SP2 10.9 10.10 DP1 Guide: supported by Pokenguy". After installed using Pokenguy method and files; I have installed latest clover v2953. Then used Pokenguy config.plist and kexts, plus bluetooth support kexts Mavericks. And I was able too boot perfectly. Now, after all of that I tried using Mavericks install DSDT and also config.plist, but then Yosemite stopped booting with no visible errors or anything, just hangs for ever at some point... So, the only way to boot and having basic stuff working was without any patched aml file, and Pokenguy Clover config.plist. Seems to be working good anyways. The only issue I see so far is the Battery status not showing, and also the internal Fan is flying all the time! Any advice? Thanks for all...