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  1. Thx for reply man, I have tried with your plist but no success. can u take a look on my efi folder now? can u recommend bios configs? EFI.zip
  2. Hello Friends, how are ya? Could you help me with a problem? I followed some guides like: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic ... coffeelake -dsdt / and the installation of high Sierra 10.13.6 (17G8030) and nvidia webdrivers (correspondent to OS version) went smoothly, the problem starts when I try to boot the GPU. Hardware: MOBO: Aorus B360M gaming 3 (rev.1) CPU: i5 8400 GPU: GTX 1060 OC Galax redblack BIOS: Fast boot - disabled windows 8/10 features - other os lan pxe - disabled storage boot option - UEFI other pci devices - UEFI Initial display output - PCie 1 slot Intel's Platform Trust Technology (PTT) - disabled sata mode selection - AHCI XHCI hand off - enabled VT-d - disabled internal graphics - auto The problem is: I can log into the system normally without using my nvidia GPU but when I boot the system with the flags for webdrivers to work I fall into the login screen but it keeps flashing, I can see the mouse and I can move it but the screen flashes and the following error appears when the screen goes "black": IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0. I searched for this error on the internet and tried to solve but to no avail so far. If someone can help me I would be extremely grateful! thanks in advance! Clover file attached. CLOVER.zip