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    Need help with GPUS

    Thank you for the reply, I have succeeded in installing mojave, but I think I am missing things. There is an issue where it will not restart or shut down it just freezes and my fans ramp to 100%. I also dont have any items under pci. Very confused
  2. Hello, Can you help me? I just installed mojave. my system CPU: i7 8700k Mobo: Asus ROG hero xi Ram: 32gb GPU: Intel UHD 630 pcie1 = AMD RX 570 pcie2=Nvidia RTX 2080 My main issue is that the system will not shutdown. It goes to shutdown but freezes and never turns off same with restarting. System report still shows the Nvidia card and I have no items under pci. integrated wifi and Bluetooth are not working but from what I have read they intel wifi is not supported. Is it possible to disable the RTX 2080 from showing while in OSX? Thank you Send me Jamess-iMac.zip config.plist
  3. applemonkey

    Need help with GPUS

    Hello, I just built a Hackintosh I installed high sierra, but I have an RTX 2080 installed, and I know it's not supported. I just purchased an RX 570 and once I receive that I would like to install Mojave. My build is Intel i7 8700k Ram 32gbs GPU RTX 2080 pcie-1 GPU RX 570 pcie-2 I would like it so the RTX2080 is not in use when running in Mojave. Please help me if you can I will greatly appreciate it What files should I upload for you to take a look at