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  1. I ended up just backing up everything and installing from scratch, quite unfortunate and time consuming but it is what it is. Thanks for the help though
  2. I managed to use a tool called DiskDrill and recovered all the data. Other tools and the one I mentioned recognize the partition structurers and APFS containers meaning that there might only be an issue with identifying the APFS partition. Is there any way to rebuild it and or force a command to recognize it? All of the data is still there, I just dont have an option to boot it.
  3. So basically, I think I screwed up. Granted its not entirely my fault, but still. I have, or had 2 partitions (plus the partitions macOS and Windows create). One macOS (my main) and Windows 10. I had a perfect dual boot setup until I decided to resize my partitions. Here is what I did: Used macOS Disk Utility to create a FAT partition that I can use to extend my Windows partition. Booted into Windows and realised Windows can’t really extend the C drive for some reason and thus I downloaded an app called EaseUs Partition Master. I noticed 2 unallocated spaces, being paranoid I didnt want to touch them so I deleted the FAT volume I created in macOS. I extended the C drive and left the unallocated space untouched. Machine reboots, and I cant see my macOS boot option, only my Windows boot option. I have since tried booting into a Mojave installer to try and repair it somehow but diskutil list shows the partition as a Windows Recovery partition of some kind? Diskutil does not see my macOS APFS partition at all. What happened here? Did the program somehow screw up the APFS partition? I am currently installing another copy of Mojave on another partition to try and recover any data I can. Please advise. Thank you. EDIT: attached image shows what I am facing when trying to mount/repair the volume NOTE: disk0s2 is supposed to be my original macOS partition that seems to be screwed up.