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  1. Is Apple "Worth It"?

    the black macbook actually has a slightly larger hardrive for that extra $100 you are mentioning.. well at least on the UK line up it does.. so you aren't paying the extra just for a newer colour macbook (white) £829 160gb hard drive macbook (black) £949 250gb hard drive.. but still theres my gripe with apple right there.. how does an extra 90gb of HD space equate to a price difference of £120 when you can buy a 1tb drive for well under £100 now
  2. i have logic studio running here on a 10.5.4 using a edirol FA-101 without problems..
  3. 10.5.4 is released !

    running a P5B deluxe wifi AP board with the realtek 8187L wi fi card.. c2d e6600 ati x1900xt went from 10.5.2 kalyway to 10.5.3 using the kalyway combo updater and then used the apple 10.5.4 update.. no problems except with the realtek wifi card.. after booting to 10.5.3 the wireless was working then i restarted and it wasnt.. didnt even show up in usb devices within the system profiler.. installed the 10.5.4 update and again no joy.. patched the 8021x family kext thingy and on reboot the client worked but on further boots nothing happened.. it jus timed out and had to be force quit.. went back to the 10.5.2 kalyway disc and got hold of the PCUSBGEN fix (IOUSBFAMILY.kext) installed this with kext helper and uninstalled the wireless client on next boot the wi fi card was in device list and after reinstalling the latest realtek drivers and rebooting the card was detected and the client would work... subsequent reboots have all successfully allowed wireless connection.. so if anyone using same hardware comes across same problems just get hold of the original IOUSBFAMILY.kext from your 10.5.2 install and apply it.. now just to set everything up again after i reinstalled 10.5.2 thinking i had destroyed my computer