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    Why Hackintosh? - IE.. What can't I do ?

    Thank you for the reply, I am definitely up for the challenge. I am definitely not a power Mac user I just like the OS I think its cleaner. I wouldn't expect. the same experience but I would like to be able to get something things to work such as logic, iTunes, office for Mac etc, and maybe an audio peripheral by UAD .. I probably wipe my Mac book every few months so not looking for something long term either if that makes sense knowing will need to tweak and update. I would like to buy the parts knowing I am making a useable desktop hackinstosh not a box im going to turn into win10 cause I couldn't get some things to work ..
  2. Hi, New here , long time PC builder(win) and Mac user been tinkering with PCs for @ 20years (take them apart, build them etc). I have now become increasingly frustrated with not being able to update my current MacBookpro. Reading through the HOW TOs and videos I feel pretty confident I can get the build together and load the OS. My question is if I go with all known working parts, that have drivers etc.. will the experience be the same as just using a Mac per say .. what will not work? I assume by using all compatible parts it will work just as it but any thing I am missing or didn't read right? I would like to build a high powered desktop for running home studio use and than with either a win bootcamp or vmware .. any input would be great thank you ! love the site and what you all do .