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  1. I have been currently using a USB keyboard which has been working, but its just cheap and old and not a good keyboard. I have tried a few different things, hoping that it would support a USB mouse and a PS/2 keyboard, but I have not been able to find one. I was never able to type with the PS/2 Keyboard, but on some Kexts I can turn on and off the num lock, and some I cant. Is there a specific Kext I need? I have tried to do a lot of searching already! ASUS P6X58D Premium mobo 6GB ram GTX 480
  2. Finally got my DVD in the mail. So far I am doing pretty well. Was having some issues at first, due to my GTX480, it would hang at the mac address screen, all I had to do was boot with GraphicsEnabler=No and it worked perfectly. Now I am currently trying to get my PS/2 Keyboard to work properly. I have a USB mouse and a PS/2 Keyboard which will not work. I have a very cheap USB keyboard that works but its just bad. I dont know what to try anymore to be able to have a USB Mouse and a PS/2 Keyboard. Any tips?
  3. Is kup still offering support for this and helping users with this or?
  4. Well a lot of the things I cant do on windows. For example a lot of the characters for the installation disk are not valid windows filename characters, in which case will not burn, or even extract from the .dmg.
  5. MaLd0n is it possible to do this from windows? Or ubuntu or... anything but OS X?
  6. Is it possible to do this from windows somehow? i dont have access to osx anywhere, and am stuck on win7. Is it possible to create this usb disk from another OS or another method? I have the USB drive, just no OSX :/
  7. P6X58D Prem with GTX480

    I have lurked quite a bit and have found more than one guide for being able to Lion on my mobo. The issue is, the guides require you to have a working installation of OSX already. Which I do not. For MaLd0n's guide for creating a boot image with a USB drive, I dont have OSX. SO where should I start if I dont have the ability to do that? Are there other methods do do exactly what is needed in his guide?
  8. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    So is there any super noob friendly guide to this? I dont quite understand the guide in the first post, and i have read through about 15 out of the 20 pages, i have a GTX 480, just fyi.