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  1. Me too. I'll have to wait a month or so while some software vendors get their apps Catalina-ready before I can upgrade. It's good to know that our EFIs are working perfectly though!
  2. ... and I'm using this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dual-Band-1750Mbps-PCI-E-Mac-OS-Hackintosh-Adapter-BCM94360CD-Wifi-Card-BT-4-0-/192542948048 Worked 100% OOTB with AudioGod's EFI, without any additional kexts.
  3. Just chiming in here. My problem with the white screen freeze - it turns out the GPU card was using a custom mining BIOS which was undervolted, with lower core but more aggressive memory timings. That seems to have been causing the instability. The Nitro+ cards have dual bios - neat little things. Position1 is a quiet bios. Position2 is a more aggressive bios. I was running the card with the Position2 bios, unaware it was flashed with a custom bios for mining. I installed Windows 10 and used GPU-Z to confirm the bios versions and then used ATIFlash to flash the factory stock bios back onto Position2. Been running on the quiet factory bios for about 4 days now and it seems to be stable. Plex doesn't freeze. No KPs. Regarding the memory clock frequency locked at max frequency all the time - that happens in Windows also when "connecting" more than 1 monitor. If you "connect" 2 monitors and turn one of them off, the memory clock is still maxed out. You have to disconnect all but 1 monitor. This appears to be a hardware bug with these cards. In Windows, the power consumption with 2 displays (2560x1440, 1920x1080) is only around 30W. In MacOS it stays around 95W. Not sure which one's correct.
  4. Ah ok. Seems like some wonky stuff with these cards and multi-monitor setups I guess: https://community.amd.com/thread/231927 Both my displays are running at 60Hz. One is 2560x1440, the other is 1920x1080. The 1080 monitor only has DVI/VGA inputs. I was using an HDMI>DVI adapter with the RX580. Out of curiosity I just tried direct DVI -> DVI now and it works! Nice... one less adapter to deal with. Thanks for helping to troubleshoot!
  5. You got it! DisplayPort + HDMI = 1750 MHz locked DisplayPort + DisplayPort = 1750 MHz locked DisplayPort only = 300 - 1000 MHz variable HDMI only = 300 - 1000 MHz variable I guess this is expected behaviour?
  6. Uninstalled iStat and HWMonitor. I never added any monitoring Kexts. Cold reboot. Found out that the Nitro+ series of video cards have 2 BIOS's which are selected using a dip switch on the card. Switched it over to the "quiet" BIOS position. Here's the results: "Fan Speed(%)"=0 "Core Clock(MHz)"=337 "Memory Clock(MHz)"=1750 "Fan Speed(RPM)"=0 "Temperature(C)"=48 The memory clock is always 1750. I'll install Win10 on the hack this weekend to see if this is a software or hardware issue.
  7. "Fan Speed(%)"=0 "Core Clock(MHz)"=971 "Memory Clock(MHz)"=2050 "Fan Speed(RPM)"=0 "Temperature(C)"=50 "Fan Speed(%)"=0 "Core Clock(MHz)"=1078 "Memory Clock(MHz)"=2050 "Fan Speed(RPM)"=0 "Temperature(C)"=50 "Fan Speed(%)"=0 "Core Clock(MHz)"=1067 "Memory Clock(MHz)"=2050 "Fan Speed(RPM)"=0 "Temperature(C)"=50 "Fan Speed(%)"=0 "Core Clock(MHz)"=1019 "Memory Clock(MHz)"=2050 "Fan Speed(RPM)"=0 "Temperature(C)"=50 "Fan Speed(%)"=0 "Core Clock(MHz)"=1103 "Memory Clock(MHz)"=2050 "Fan Speed(RPM)"=0 "Temperature(C)"=50 "Fan Speed(%)"=0 "Core Clock(MHz)"=1100 "Memory Clock(MHz)"=2050 "Fan Speed(RPM)"=0 "Temperature(C)"=50 "Fan Speed(%)"=0 "Core Clock(MHz)"=1112 "Memory Clock(MHz)"=2050 "Fan Speed(RPM)"=0 "Temperature(C)"=50 "Fan Speed(%)"=0 "Core Clock(MHz)"=1141 "Memory Clock(MHz)"=2050 Any ideas?
  8. How did you get the GPU Temp from HWMonitorSMC2 to show up in the Menu Bar? I'm unable to drag anything from HWMonitorSMC2, and I don't see an option to display an item in the Menu Bar.
  9. iStat Menus is showing Fan1 and Fan2 speeds for me, using VirtualSMC 1.0.7. I'm not sure which fans those correspond to - they are running around 860 to 930rpm. I'd imagine one is the CPU fan. Are you referring to some other fans not showing up?
  10. Me too. If CSM Support is disabled I can't get a video signal out of the RX580... and since the iGPU is disabled that means I have to reset the CMOS to get back into the bios. Thank you so much for all the work you're doing! Just did - the RX580 shows up in the PCI cards now. Thanks! So far today - had a kernel panic while watching Plex Media Player for about 5 minutes. This is different from the white-screen freeze in that it actually rebooted the computer and presented the KP notice. Since then, the hack has been rock solid - played the same Plex file for about 45 minutes and it went without a hitch. Played some YouTube in the background while working for an hour and no issues. I forgot to mention earlier - your DSDT enabled the HDMI ports on the RX580 now. Previously I could only use the DisplayPorts. Nice!
  11. Earlier today I pulled the CMOS battery out, waited 30 minutes, restored the F10 profile back to @glasgood's settings, went back to the SSDT version of the EFI + RX580. iMessage activation worked. The emu nvram was working. Sleep/wake was working. Great. But then I noticed a pattern: Shutdown in MacOS, then boot = "Couldn't allocate runtime area" Restart in MacOS, then boot = "Couldn't allocate runtime area" Change BIOS settings, then boot = "Couldn't allocate runtime area" The only way to avoid the dreaded "Couldn't allocate runtime area" problem was to pull the power from the PSU, wait 20 seconds, plug power back in, then boot. This would proceed with a successful boot about 80% of the time. I disabled FileVault2 to rule out the pre-boot environment as a problem. I pulled the CMOS battery, waited 30 minutes, then decided to give @AudioGod's DSDT EFI a shot. Miraculously, it booted into 10.14.6 and has the correct ROM and Board Serial Number populated. I'll test it today with a bunch of sleep/wake cycles and then enable FileVault 2.
  12. To rule out if it's a range issue vs software/config issue - bring the Magic Mouse right next to the antenna to see if the lag's gone. If it's a range issue, you can try orienting the antenna (not sure which one is for BT) differently. If it's not a range issue, I'm not sure what else to try. My card's also in PCIEX1_3, USB attached to F_USB2. There's no lag on the Magic Trackpad about 5ft away. The BT antenna is oriented parallel to the floor - pointing straight out of the back of the tower (not bent).
  13. @AudioGod thanks for posting your EFI buddy. I may have time to test it next weekend. In light of @glasgood's post above - I think it's safest to use DSDT's from system with extremely similar hardware, or create your own DSDT. I have a Fenvi T919 wifi/bt card installed, so that may act up and provide another vector for instability. We also have different GPUs installed. @glasgood was your iMessage activation problem due to the NVRAM not saving the ROM and Board Serial Number values? That's the problem I was having with the DSDT version of your EFI. I always use my own unique values in my hack but for some reason the DSDT EFI with native NVRAM wasn't reading/saving them from Clover.
  14. I went ahead and reinstalled the hack using Glasgood's EFI-DSDT version. Everything went smoothly. Added the required Filevault drivers to EFI/CLOVER/drivers/UEFI, unhide Preboot partition in Clover's config and then enabled Filevault. The only thing not working right now is iMessage and FaceTime because the ROM and BoardSerialNumber are not being saved (or read?) from NVRAM. Hackintool shows this: ROM ??? Board Serial Number ??? iMessageDebug shows that those 2 fields are "failed". I did the HelloWorld nvram test and confirm that nvram IS working, it's just that these 2 values aren't being written by the clover config into NVRAM. I'm leaving this for now and will return in 2 weeks to continue troubleshooting. If anybody has any ideas how to fix this with native nvram that would be greatly appreciated. All of the other fixes online say to enable nvram emulation with a different Aptio memory driver, but I thought that would be incompatible with Glasgood's DSDT EFI. Not sure - I'm still learning the dos and don'ts of hackintoshing.
  15. Oh boy. Installed Fenvi T919 yesterday. Worked immediately. Continuity and airdrop worked. Decided to reset BIOS by pulling the battery for 20 minutes to see if it fixes the freeze issue. Set bios settings back according to Glasgood’s first post. Now I cant boot from FileVault at all unless if I use the 2000-free driver. “Couldn’t allocate runtime area...” error. UHD630 is disabled in bios. Ugh... I may have to start from scratch. Even the carbon copy clone can’t boot up unless if I use the 2000-free driver (which should be avoided if possible). anybody have that dreaded error pop up again recently?