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  1. I've been spreading the word: A working kext now exists for the e2200 killer ethernet It's on "the other site", but googling "working-kext-killer-e2200" should get you there...
  2. Hey y'all! In case you didn't know yet, a working kext for the Atheros Killer E2200 Ethernet now exists! I found it at "that other site", but if you google "working-kext-killer-e2200", you should find it no prob...
  3. Installing 10.9 on unsupported Xserve

    Ooo...never tried that one. It's possible. Also for anyone out there taking notes, the Xserve has a weird EFI where regular boot loaders like Chameleon don't work. Maybe clover would because it's EFI-based, but haven't needed to try that...
  4. Installing 10.9 on unsupported Xserve

    I am currently writing this from an Xserve 2,1 running Mavericks. The only odd config I have, is I have an external video card (Nvidia 9600GT which works in Mac OSX oob) which is connected with a PCI-E ribbon extension cable, and powered by an external PC power supply. This gets me around the X1300 issues - which I keep in there so I can see my boot screens, but doesn't have QE once booted (I got it working in ML though using kexts). My best advice for any Hackintosh install, is get things installed on a real mac first, and then modify things to work on your unsupported rig. This worked for both the Xserve and my i7 PC. I had a junky MacBook Pro sitting around I did the Mavericks install with, and then modded the PlatformSupport.plist. Xserve boots right up, nothing else needed. I actually use the same boot drive for both my Xserve at work, and my i7 hackintosh at home by using Chameleon on a USB drive to boot the PC - I also had to recently start manually adding FakeSMC.kext for the PC and deleting it to boot the Xserve, but they both work just fine...
  5. I am still struggling to get QE working for my 9800 GX2 in SL. I have the same MB as Dane - ASUS P5N-D 750i, I have an EVGA GX2. I got SL installed from a retail disc, and am at 10.6.3 currently. I installed the nVidia Drivers as this thread talks about, but any sort of graphic string I put in whatsoever lead to a blank screen - no video output from card. I got my PCI string from gfxutil in my working Leopard install. I have Chameleon "Graphic Enabler" off, no injectors, and my card id is not in my NVDAN50Hal or NVDAResman kexts. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope... EDIT: Still nothing...the only thing that does anything is NVEnabler64, and it leads to a KP...seriously, why did I have to choose one of the worst video cards to try this with
  6. Just FYI, it booted up twice on my real macbook on the install...
  7. EN9800GT Ultimate - no CI/QE - help

    Alright, from the beginning, and thanks for the help btw... Asus P5N-D NForce board, 750i SLI, 4GB RAM, Q6600@2.63 MHz Asus EN9800 GT Ultimate 512MB video 24" LCD monitor hooked in with DVI to HDMI cable all of the above purchased with my tax refund - thx uncle sam. install setup: IDE DVD and HD, using 1 GUID partition (separate RAID SATA drives for windows) bios settings: limit CPUID MaxVal - off C1E - off Exe disable bit - on virtualization - on speedstep - off plug & play OS - on prim display - PCI-E HD Audio - on onboard LAN - off (using old PCI NIC instead) 1394 - off serial and parallel ports - off USB - on ACPI - on and S3 HPET - on The Install: -Kalyway 10.5.2, boots without any flags added (both iAtkos 4i and Leo 4 All hung on me but I didn't monkey with them much either) minimal install with Kalyway: -no fonts or languages -sleep and nforce kernels only -no graphics drivers -no audio drivers -forcedeth network driver -all Mobo_Chipsets left checked -no 3rds apps -remove PCGenUSB_Fix and French keyboard installs fine, boots no flags needed after, but obviously nothing works yet but network... Next... Kalyway 10.5.3 combo update, must boot: "update cpus=1" afterward next, install Apple 10.5.4 update (not the combo update) again, boot "update cpus=1" last install new kernel: 9.4 StageXNU, boots 10.5.4 with "-f" After all that, all of my NVinject/NVKush/EFI strings work is a failure. Again, I can get all 3 to boot and show that they can change the name and RAM amount in the "about this mac", but nothing I do gets CI/QE working...its like they all ignore my video card completely. Just fyi, I also have an old G5, a macbook, and a real copy of Leopard in case they'll help...
  8. Dual EVGA GF8800GTS 512MB G92 - no QE/CI possible ?

    I'm having a very similar issue with a 9800 GT. I've run through all the steps you have, and still no QE/CI. Nobody seems to know what to do when NVDAResman doesn't recognize your card for what it is... a post documenting my issue is here: link to my other post -clockwork
  9. EN9800GT Ultimate - no CI/QE - help

    The efi string method works for me, and it boots with the name I give it, correct RAM amount, but still no CI/QE. Nothing I've tried allows for it. Here's what my bootlog spits out (at least the relevant part, I can post the whole thing if necessary): NVDANV50HAL loaded and registered. NVDA::probe(display) NVDA::start(display) <1> NVDA::start(display) <1> failed NVDA,Display-B: Not usable Other info that might help: I have changed the device id in my NV50 and NVDAres kexts to my 0614 and changed the probe scores to 0. I'm running 10.5.4. Other kernels yield the same as do other MB bios changes. I don't really know where to go from here...
  10. So I've been trying to get my hackintosh working and have hit just about every snag out there. I've conquered them all except for this last one: I can't get CI/QE working, and without it, my whole hackitosh is pretty much worthless. Originally, I had a 9600GT - pretty much the only card available that won't work for this. So, I got a 9800 GT to replace it, having heard that others got it working. Unfortunately...I just had to get the one oddball 9800 GT out there: the Asus EN9800GT Ultimate. It clocks at 725 MHz when all the others clock at 600, and it has 128 stream processors when all the others have 112. Good bang for the buck unless you're trying to hack a mac, evidently. It also has a device ID of 0614 when most other 9800 GT's are a 0605. I can boot no prob with EFI strings, NVKush, or NVinject, but all three yield the same result: no CI/QE (and also no resolution change options). My guess is that they aren't seeing it as a 9800 GT, or anything for that matter. Maybe my 9800 bios is weird? Should I change the video bios to make it think it's a regular 9800, or is that pointless. Is there something else going on? How does NVKush or whatever actually decide on which card it is seeing in the PCI slot? Any help would be much appreciated as I've been on this issue for about a month now... -clockwork ------------------------- MB: Asus P5N-D, Q6600, 4GB RAM Kalyway 10.5.2 -> 10.5.4