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    Dell Latituded E5440 not posting

    I am trying to install macOS Mojave 14.4.0 on Dell Latituded E5440 with specs: Intel i5-4310U Intel HD4400 with screen resolution of 1600x900 When posting the first time to install macOS on the internal drive it stops here: apfs_module_start:1393: Load: com.apple.filesystems.apfs v945.260.7, apfs-945.260.7, 2019/04/26 https://imgur.com/nWBmwiY Then a garbled screen appears with the error sign: https://imgur.com/37rZpi8 I thought that the problem is that the usb is not read after it boots macOS, the usb controller is an intel 8 series one. What I have tried is: Plusgging the usb in different ports (USB3 and USB2 ones) Try a different usb that is USB2 Include GenericUSBXHCI.kext include USBInjectAll.kext change the ig-platform-id value change the bios options to also read legacy bootloaders Is the problem that the USB is not injected after the boot? or is it a different problem? If you have any suggestions please inform me. Attached you can find the clover folder also containing the original ACPI and the SSDTs. EFI.zip