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    Graphics problem and Randomly Freeze every apps

    I did fresh install several time with older clover, newer clover, rehabman clover. Also edited plist according to my machine. No luck at all. I'm waiting for someone to look into my plist and suggest me some fix.
  2. I have installed MacOS Mojave successfully. But have some serious issue with graphics and apps freezing. 1. Almost every apps freeze at some point. even System Preference freeze whenever click on any option. then either have to quit or force quit. 2. When using any apps or loading something, that apps window stuck on screen, it doesn't go even after Killing the apps. Also when write something in Terminal, text not appear on terminal screen. if click inside the Terminal again, then all text show up suddenly. A lot of others weird problem happen. Also most time when booting, apple logo and loading bar stuck on screen. If write password blindly and press Enter, then Desktop screen comes. 3. Sometimes machine turn off directly and then restart itself. My laptop configuration: Model: ASUS X510UQ CPU: Core i5-7200U GPU: Intel HD620 - 1920x1080 + Nvdia 940MX Chipset: Intel(R) Xeon(R) E3 - 1200 Storage: 120GB SATA SSD + 1TB HDD @ I'm Using CLover Bootloader @ Disabled Nvdia with SSDT patching. @ System Updated to 10.14.5 Here is the attachment of my "EFI + System Log + Installed Extensions + kextstat result": All Files.zip