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  1. Thanks anyway)) Now I get "SerialATAPI device reconfiguration didnot complete successfully" message and then "Still waiting for root device". What I should install?)
  2. TeoTheCool, I tried to reinstall kernel from your link and it works, thank you very much But now usb doesn't work. I reinstalled IOUSBFamily.kext, but it didn't help((
  3. I tried to boot with legacy_kernel and then with mach_kernel. Result was the same in both cases.
  4. Hello! Sorry, but I'm a newbie and English is not my native language. I have installed MacOS 10.6.7, but I can't boot it. I installed Chameleon and when I boot my MacOS I get black screen after some text messages and nothing more... I tried different options (-v -x -s -arch=i386 cpus=1 and even -force64) and got black screen in all cases. But I normally boot it from OSX86_ModCD without any options except -v. I installed Chameleon from this CD and it didn't help. I can't understand what's the problem. My system: MB: Asus M4A77TD CPU: AMD Athlon II x3 3100 4 GB RAM Video: NV GF430 1 GB HDD 500 GB Sound: Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio BIOS Options: SATA=AHCI, C1E Support=Disable, Suspend mode=S3 only Please, help me) Thanks in advance