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  1. Hello Everyone.I would like to know if anybody here got the correct custom USB SSDT for the Gigabyte Z390 Pro motherboard ?I got a Corsaire Carbide 275R case which got 2 extra USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports connected to the motherboard. I use my hackintosh for 4 months from now. I followed the Glasgood installation guides (attached at the bottom).I can't figure out how to clean the total mess I got when I plug my usb devices... And the process that I found here and there is a true nightmare for my noob skills. Any help would be awesome !!Links if needed :https://www.corsair.com/ww/en/Categories/Products/Cases/Carbide-Series-275R-Mid-Tower-Gaming-Case/p/CC-9011130-WWhttps://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z390-AORUS-PRO-rev-10#kfThanks guys !
  2. Quick update : I followed your instructions but nothing changed. I can confirm that every USB2.0 ports on the USB2.0 hub on the backpanel work (right know I got 3 hardware plugged on and I can see them on my system specifications. I still don't understand why it works on the front panel with SS both the 2 SS ports and not on the backpanel. I got the exact same motherboard as you !
  3. thanks anyway. So, according to Hackintool, HS09 and HS10 are the front case USB port. Hackintool says that it's a USB3 connector but if I am right, it's JUST a USB3 connector, but it act like an USB2 because of the mention "HS" ? HS : USB2 SS : USB3 . ? Sorry, total USB noob here
  4. Thank you I will give it a try ! I found that the Focusrite Clarett have to be powered BEFORE turning on the hackintosh because it doesn't support "hotplug". Do you have any information about hotplug for this hackintosh ? I don't know if it's problem because of this specific hardware or because of the hackintosh itseft... Thank you
  5. Hummm no, the Focusrite Clarett is both USB3.0 and USB-C (depending of the cable you use). Maybe for the Master keyboard, yes. But why I can use the front USB3.0 port with the Clarett and not the port on the backpanel ? plus, the clarett works (the sound is audible, but it can't be visible on the software attached wit the hardware). Can I maybe try the alt SSDT that you've shared ?
  6. I've completely restart the whole guide process and now it works fine and boot every time to the main drive (I use the hackintosh right now) ! However, I've a last problem - and this is a problem for me because I need it them a lot : The USB ports work for flash drives for exemple (I tried every one of them (usb 2, usb 3.0, usb 3.1) and the flash drive shows up on the desktop every time) BUT, if I try to use the USB ports for my external hardware - like my Focusrite Clarett 4 pre USB audio interface or my master midi keyboard - The USB ports on the backplate doesn't work, the light turn on the keyboard but it's not found in my DAW, if I switch to the front USB ports or to one of the four USB2.0 ports on the backplate, it works fine... So, I can only use the 2 front USB3.0 and the 4 USB2.0. This is strange, and I don't get it because I've use your EFI (Post) and Got the exact same hardware. Any Help ? This is my system specifications and my EFI folder : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8njlu27mqi1nhnu/AAAEGIv-yjWoXlw_wrEiC8X3a?dl=0 Thanks a lot for your help Intel Core i7-8600 Gigabyte Aorus Pro Z390 (bios F9) AMD Sapphire Radeon RX 580 8 Go Nitro+ Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 500GB (with the last stable firmware) Case Corsair 275R iMac.spx
  7. Hello, First of all thanks a lot for this big tutorial ! however, I got a "big" issue. Everything was fine, I was at the end (on macOS, etc) and I have installed the wifi card. The wifi card work, I was able to use my magic keyboard & mouse. I start to follow the steps to be able to use iMessage. After updated the list with Clover Configurator I rebooted my hackintosh and now it's stuck everytime at : "apfs_module_start:1393: load: com.apple.filesystems.apfs, v945.260.7, apfs-945.260.7, 2019/04/26 I saw online that the bios for the motherboard should be an issue. But I tried with the F7, F8 and F9 ! Nothing works... I setup and setup again de bios as mentioned in the topic just to be sure. I also try to reset the list to the one that work just before (I made a copy). Still the same. I confirm that I can boot for my original boot drive with the clover install and go to my macOS session. But I can't boot from my main drive now... Please, if any help, it would be awesome