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    Mac OS 8 betas

    Would anyone be kind enough to point the way to Copland D11E4? I believe my old copy is still stuck on an old Castlewood Orb drive and I have neither the drivers nor SCSI connection anymore. I just want D11E4 for the sake of memories, as I only got it running via debugger once and could never again hope to.
  2. roto

    Partition Troubles.......with mac os

    And it appears that you posted in the WRONG FORUM. This is the dual booting forum for MACs Let's see: You can't read, can't tell time, are very impatient, and rude. You will make someone a real catch someday.
  3. roto

    onmac.net -- site down?

    It is an Internet backbone problem. There is a major outage. I can still access the site fine and no, there has not been any news or release.