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  1. Need your hackintosh recommendation for FCP2

    i run a Q9300 on sa P35-DS3P with 4gb ram and a 256mb Geforcet 7300GT. i used to have 6gb ram on it, but decided to stay 4gb, because after using the machine heavily on fcp studio apps (fcp, motion, soundtrack pro, compressor), anything above 4gb is just idle ram! after setting up Apple Qmaster to utilize all four cores of my quad, i still end up using no more than 4gb of memory! hth
  2. Final Cut Pro Help

    use MPEG StreamClip. you can open your dvd through this program, and export it to a DV stream of Quicktime movie. all the default setting are good to go. i'm not sure if you have options to selectively convert areas of the dvd. last time i tried it, i think i converted the whole dvd contents, then chopped it up in fcp after.
  3. Problem with certain website

    when you say error window, do you mean that the browser crashes? if so, i think we have similar problems. i noticed that safari crashes on me whenever i'm on a page with flash content. now, i'm speculating that it could have been the 64bit kernel (because like you, i'm on 4gb ram). try using dvd player and see if its working without a glitch
  4. OSX86 on Gigabyte EP45C-DS3R Mobo

    hi! thanks for that info, i wasnt aware of that sorry for butting in but i also have a similar setup, although i'm on a P35-DS3R. i've been trying to get a flawless install and initially tried IPC 10.5.6 (with patches). but after sucessfully booting after installation, some of the apps crashed -- dvd player app and safari. i am on 4gb ram, is the 64bit kernel the possible culprit?
  5. i'm a proud hackintosh user (Q9300, P35-DS3P, 4gb DDR800 RAM) but i do have a real machintosh (my old 17" powerbook). obviously, i am not a mac purist -- i just go for what's efficient and what's readily available to me based on resources and my technical know-how. i love how the way mac's os behaves, because it doesnt really get in the way of your work. but i also love having to tinker and play with the hardware. having a hackintosh satisfies all of these things for me -- having a zen-like, easy to use operating system AND the joy of having to be able to open up your computer anytime and put/remove things