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  1. AMD Leopard 10.5.2 Success! Any Questions?

    I personally favor Zephyroth, it seemed to come with all the drivers and patches I needed to get it up and working. I tried several Kalyway installs with no avail, the seemed to cause more headache then success. But that is most likely because of my hardware setup. Kalyway might work like a charm for some people. For me, that was not that case. As for the SATA question, I have one IDE 80GB which I run Leopard on, an SATA 500GB, and an SATA 750GB that I use to store media. Both work perfectly. Haven't ran into an pitfalls with SATA. (Tiger was another story, but Leo is more accepting of my drives)
  2. AMD Leopard 10.5.2 Success! Any Questions?

    Haha, well congrats to you as well! Yes, I would recommend going to Fry's, or whatever you have near and picking up a cheap nVIDIA graphics card. MacVidia works like a pro. I don't see Intel users as being rich, far from actually. You can attain an Intel processor for cheeeap (although there are very high end chips as well). I see it as Macs vs PCs. There is a huge price range for PCs, yet with Mac only the top of the line products are sold. You can't go wrong with AMD, it's faster than the Intel equivelant, hands down. But this isn't an INTEL vs AMD thread, so I'll stop. Winters75, oh yeah, did you have any trouble with your mouse or stuttering? (cpus=1)
  3. AMD Leopard 10.5.2 Success! Any Questions?

    Oh, I did read about that and thought about editing my boot plist with cpus=1, but I haven't had any problems with the AMD X2. Guess I just got lucky. ajan2468, Piccolo is right. Startup using the Leopard install disk. Once in, use the Disk Utility to create two partitions. (make sure you remember what option you select (MBR/GUID) for your partitions, as you'll need to know that when you install a bootloader from Zephyroth's install. Then run your installer on the first partition, and then throw your XP install on the other. When you boot you should have a dual boot screen.. Choose which ever OS fancies you at the time, and you're set. I found with Zephyroth's 10.5.2 I had to try a few confgurations with his addons. To find the right third party drivers, bootloader, ToH kernel, etc. Just play around with it. Worst case scenario, you have to format and reinstall a few times, but with osx86 it's kind of the nature of the beast. Hah, good luck!
  4. AMD Leopard 10.5.2 Success! Any Questions?

    I used Zephyroth's 10.5.2 (I believe it was Rev. 2).
  5. AMD Leopard 10.5.2 Success! Any Questions?

    No I'm not, why do you ask?
  6. Today marks the day that I am finally happy with my installation; Everything working, extremely quick, and I'm a very happy camper. I've used these forums a lot in my adventure so I thought I'd start a thread to maybe help my fellow AMD mates. Below is my hardware/OS configuration (And a screenshot). If your system is very similar and have a question, go ahead and I'll do my best to help. (Let's please keep this to AMD users because let's be honest, Intel is for girls OS X Leopard 10.5.2 (9C31) Kernel: Darwin 9.2.0 MSI K9N SLI-Platinum AMD Athlon64 X2 5000+ nVIDIA nForce 570 SLI chipset Realtek ALC883 Audio Geforce 7600GS 256MB DDR2/128 LG 20" Flatron W2052TQ 1680x1050@60Hz
  7. Cannot trash files from SATA drive

    SticMAN, thanks for replying. I did only copy from the NTFS (750gb) to the OSX-Journaled (500gb) -- So from the 500gb I should be able to trash files right? I went into the info of the disk, the folder, and even the file; I set the permission to read/write for everyone. Still nothing. It still prompts me for my administrator password. (when I type my password, it accepts it but does nothing with the file)The prompt for my password says "Finder requires that you type your password" -- in details it says Right: com.apple.desktopservices -- and Application: Finder.Eek, this is frustrating.OMG at last!I just noticed on second review of the info settings that there was a check-box that was checked by default. (locked) I am assuming by transferring them from the NTFS drive to the OSX drive, all the folders/files are "locked" so even if the permissions are set to read/write.. none of those actions can take place until the box is unchecked.This is ridiculous, thanks SticMAN for your help, just enough added frustration to figure it out.Cheers!
  8. I have successfully installed Leopard 10.5.2 (cheers Sephyroth) on my AMD machine, the specs are below. My problem is that when I access my other SATA drives that have all my media backed up I cannot move any files/folders from those drives to the trash. For example my SATA 500gb I erased (with Leo's disk utility -- zero'ing out all data) and formatting in OS X Journaled. I then started to transfer some of the media (ie: pictures) from my other SATA 750gb drive that has not been formatted for OS X. Once they are on the 500gb drive I can copy/move them around, rename, etc. But when I drag a file to the trash it asks for my admin password. I type it in, the dialog box disappears (NO ERRORS) and the file remains on the drive. I checked the permissions, and the disk, and both passed the disk utility. I started to think it might have something to do with the "Keychain" feature? But after looking into that and confusing myself further, gave up. Anyone have thoughts? I sincerely appreciate any advice. MSI K9N SLI-Platinum AMD Athlon64 X2 5000+ nVIDIA nForce 570 SLI chipset Realtek ALC883 Audio Geforce 7600GS 256MB DDR2/128