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  1. Just as a heads up, this is an issue on DP5 on my MBP as well - quite a few people are experiencing this, only fix for us is to reboot holding the power key.
  2. X60 with Intel WiFi

    Hey, I'm not asking for a guide (although directions to one would be appreciated!) but before I spend ages trawling the forum can anyone tell me the latest on the X60 with the Intel 9345 wifi driver - is there a way to get it work on Snow Leopard? I'm going to triple boot my X60 with Linux, Win & OSX but before I go through all the steps just want to know if I'll be wasting my time as wifi is critical to me... Cheers! Phil
  3. Intel GMA X3100

    please help me guys - I know I´m close... With KALYWAY 10.5.2 with no kernel´s except the 9.2 sleep, and no graphics installed I got the display working fine... once... but then I screwed it up installing something else, now when I repeat the install process on first bootup I get the left hand side of the display is blue, a vertical black line in the middle and the right hand side of the screen is black.... If I -s and rm -rf AppleIntelGMA* and AppleIntelInt*.kext it works in VESA... I´ve tried leaving the display for 7 minutes with the power out to see if it goes to sleep but no joy... Please can someone help me... I´ve also tried iAtkos with the GMAX3100 driver and that gave the same results... black and blue display or VESA... Cheers! By the way I´m on a Toshiba Satelite U300, 965 chipset, GMAX3100 and T7100 processor...
  4. X3100 Video Problem

    I had the display working on my U300 x3100 but without QE/CI, installed the Graphics Update and now got a blue screen stretching across 2 monitors... HElp! Cheers!
  5. Thread missing?

  6. Toshiba Satellite u300

    I´ve tried installing Kalyway 10.5.1 on my U300-11v, installs fine but when it boots up after installation the display is screwed up - just like the refresh rate is completely wrong! How can I change it?
  7. Hi, I've been watching the thread on the u300, havent looked for a while but now its not there... I fi Search it shows up but no forum... as per.. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...ighlite=%2Bu300 Have I missed something? Cheers