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  1. Fixed it!! Through another simpler script I found, some googling, trial & error in terminal, I figured out that it was the number of disks I have that was the problem. Basically I have 5 internal disks and some are partition and RAID, so all of my external disks were being given numbers of 10 or above and the script that the fixUSB.sh script uses will only find disks 0-9. So after reading up on the grep command, I discovered that you needed to write it as [0-9][0-9] to return double figures, and now it finds disks 10 and above and works! I couldn't figure out how to get it to look for anything below 10 though, but for me I don't think will be a problem.
  2. If anyone is interested I did some more digging on the sleep/eject thing, seeing as I couldn't't fix it with the script. I found this interesting thread: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/usb-drives-getting-ejected-when-hackintosh-wakes-from-sleep-with-xmp-enabled.251488/ Sure enough, if I disable the XMP profile in the BIOS the issue goes away. Don't really want to do that though so may have to live with it, unless I can figure out how to do the manual clock in the BIOS! Would be nice to figure out exactly why the memory frequency effects things, and if clover could fix it in any way, but that is totally beyond me!
  3. I managed to get the USB ports all sorted using your other guide, so thanks for that! I have 14 and all seem to be working. Took me a while to figure out that you need use both the SS and the HS for a particular port if you want to be able to plugin both 3.0 and 2.0, but I got there! Unfortunately, the sleep disk eject fix still doesn't't work for me - I guess I will be trying Jettison after all. Thanks again for all your help.
  4. No problem, thanks.
  5. Just checking; I know there's instruction in Hackintool, but can I also follow your guide here: It's just you mention SSDT's on that, but I presume that's changed? Also, just to clarify, does it really matter whether you set to USB3 or USB2 when they are all USB 3? I am thinking that if things get moved around in the ports or changed, it could mess things up unless they are just set to USB3? I realise the internal one for Bluetooth has to be set to internal and the USB-C correctly as well. Oh, and should the front ones that are connected to the Motherboard be set to internal?
  6. Thanks! I am actually using the USB port limit patch under Kernels and Kets, should I get rid of that too if I do the above?
  7. Thanks. I already tried that fix and it didn't work for me, I may well have to give the Jettison app a go. I'll try that driver as well. I did actually use Maldon's EFI to start with and kept getting a No Entry sign, so I switched to your Pre and it installed. Then I tried his EFI again and I just got the No entry again on boot, so went back to your
  8. Well, I am now up and running with my new Hackintosh thanks too your brilliant guide and help! Similar setup apart from a Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming, but I used you pre install Clover which worked great followed by a combination of your main Post and the X post folders and then some tweaks. Pretty much everything working very well! So, a big thanks from me for posting this guide. I do have a couple of minor things which I don't know if you have come across? Firstly, when sleeping / waking, external disks get ejected and I get the "did not eject properly" message. I did some searching and found a supposed USB fix, but that didn't't work for me. Have you come across that at all? The other is that every 3rd or 4th boot I get a Kernel Panic message. Not a major issue as I don't reboot a lot (just with installing a lot of apps I have done). The problem is I have 3 4k monitors and the test is so tiny (and goes by so fast) I cannot see what is wrong. Is there a bootr log somewhere that you can look at to narrow down the Panic do you know? Again, thanks so much for this, it gave me the confidence to actually go ahead and do it. I can't quite believe how fast this thing is compared to my 2013 Mac Pro.!
  9. Sorry, one more question. What is the difference between your pre and post EFI folders - is it just the Fake SMC kext's? If so, you can just delete those? Or is there something else need in the pro not in post? Just trying to marry up with MaLdOn's folder. Thanks.
  10. I have decided to go larger and opt for the Gigabyte Z390M Micro ATX card so I can definitely get the wifi/bluetooth working, plus RAM will be expandable in the future. Can I just double-check that this card is suitable: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bluetooth-PCI-Express-BCM943602CS-Hackintosh-Computers/dp/B00MBP25UK - if so, does the USB lead need plugin in for it to work? Thanks.
  11. That was close, so glad I asked that question! I had read of someone replacing with a Broadcom on a similar Asus board, but hadn't realised the cNVI bit was relevant, but having just read, it isn't compatible with Broadcom! Guess I will have to look at the Asus instead. Although it does have a 2nd M.2 slot on the back which I won't be using, so I have read ab out the possibility of using the Airport card with an adaptor to fit the M.2 slot, so may look at that as well.
  12. Thanks very much for this guide, it's very similar to what I want to build and have been putting it off due to so many different guides and getting confused by it all, but this one has made my decision for me! I just wanted to double check something though. I am looking at using the Mini ITX version of this board (Z390 I Aurous Pro Wifi), so I assume I would have to edit / create my own SSDT configuration? Or would it be the same do you think? Thanks.