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  1. Trying To Boot Mac OS X El Capitan On Surface Book 1 i5 128GB Ive tried everything under the sun to try to get this to even load the installer ive had mixed experiences trying many different options and “combos” i Can Offer Someone That Can Help A “Software Pack” Which Includes My EFI Kexts DSDT Readmes Pretty Much Everything I HaveTried And Researched Hopefully That Will Help As I’m Confident I Should Have All Required Files But Not So Confident On How They Should Be Coupled There Is A Guide On This Platform That Goes Over Installing This But What Is Demoed Is MacOS Sierra 10.12 When My Target Is 10.11 El Capitan Everyone In The Comments That Tried El Capitan Either Have Out Of The Gate Sucess Or Gave Up And Went To Sierra The Problem Is Besides The Guide Author Correcting A Few Mistakes There Is No Actual Diagnosis And Help Given For A While I Was Getting Nothing But A Black Screen After Moving Files I Finally Got An Apple Logo Great!..Not Really Because that’s all it would do. i Tried EFI Folder From Guy Who Did Surface Pro 4 “Port” And after I While I Will Get Cross Where The Apple Logo Would Be So There’s Something Happening When Using His EFI ; Mines Will Just Hang At Apple Logo For As Long As I Let It With Verbose Boot Or Boot Flag -v I Get Errors Concerning OSXAptioFixDrv They Are Usually Different If I Try OSXAptioFix2Drv I Get ........................................... if i try OSXAptioFixDrv I get 1 of 3 errors Typically Saying Similiar Things About Relocating Memory Will Try To Add Photos This Is Not My First Hackintosh More Like 5th or 6th But Besides On HP Elitebook Revolve Where I Had Similar Issues Due To BIOS Settings I simply CAN NOT Get It To Boot No Matter What I Do Or Edit Please Help Or Provide EFI Folder That Will Work For Me For Now Looking To Upgrade BIOS as I think it has something to do with firmware being to old as this PC Is usually never connected to Wi-Fi unless I need to download something and I cannot stress I have done everything under the sun to get this to even boot the installer