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  1. Any one can help me ? , I try to fix this problem over a two month. I still have this problem. I try many methods and solution for fix this problem. and also try many plist configration files. Lenovo G500 with HD4000 1366x786 (80860166), Intel I3, 6 GB ram, 128gb ssd, config.plist
  2. QE/CI Randomly stops working on HD4000 on lenovo G500 laptop. How can fix this. First time im on hackinosh. I dont have experiance so please help me. Im trying to fix this over a month.
  3. I download new version of whatevergreen, lilu and AppleALC . And installed to L/E using Kext Beast. But i still have graphics related problem.
  4. I install Mojave by following RehabMan Guide. After install I copy the Intel HD4000 7 series Config.plist from RehabMan. In my system configuration shows 1536MB graphics but I don't get the graphics performance . I have graphics related problems and lags issues. dock don't have transperancy, browsers have black shade and don't see fonts etc. I try many config files but I can't fix the issue still now. When I try some config file it will be fix until restart or shutdown. After that I have still graphics problem. Over a month I try to fix this I didn't get any result still now. Please help me to fix this . I'm first time in Hackintosh and I don't have knowledge about it. Intel HD4000 Graphics with 1366x786 (8086/0166) i3 processor 6gb ram 123gb ssd