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  1. kaiwei

    OS X 10.4.5 Package Installer

    Please upload this to usenet at the same time! Nothing beats good old usenet for speed.
  2. Would this resolve the video ram issue allocation with the Intel 855GM video?
  3. kaiwei

    Intel (R) PRO/Wireless 2200B/2915

    Awesome! Hope to get it working someday. In the mean time, great job!
  4. kaiwei

    Intel 845GL Graphics, need files

    What I did was to edit the plist.info in AppleIntelIntegratred.kext to match my device ID as stated in many threads here on the board. That's all. I can get QE only if i boot into windows first then start OS X. Sigh.
  5. kaiwei

    Intel 845GL Graphics, need files

    The same thing you did. You'll find that if you boot into windows first, then your OS X will work. Conclusion, the Intel chipset's dynamic video memory is not allocating enough memory in BIOS to get QE. you need to boot into windows first to get the memory allocation then it'll work.
  6. kaiwei

    Intel 845GL Graphics, need files

    YUP. Got it working on my Dell 700M under 855 with your files. The only thing I did was to change the plist.info to 3582 in the AppleIntelIntegrated.kext THANKS! Eveything seems snappier now.
  7. kaiwei

    Intel 845GL Graphics, need files

    Downloaded the files but the archive seems funny...winrar complains that it has no files to extract.