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  1. 9400GT, Won't work

    I to have a ASUS 9400GT, I used an EFI string generated by OS X86 Tools. I can change resolution and have QE/CI working. No drivers added just a string.
  2. hey mrle any luck with getting those other two components sorted? was thinking of getting this board as well, curious as to your progress.
  3. DSDT Patcher

    THanks all found what i was looking for... best regards, Quick explain on what is those terms/entry: "Store (Package (0x08)" - This is how many entry u have to inject, in my case there are 4, multiply with 2=8 dec to hex= 0x08 "Buffer (0x04)" this is how many data is under it, 0x88, 0x08, 0xec, 0x10 that means 4 dec to hex=0x04 "}," the comma means that another entry comes, when its "}" that mean no more entry after "/* 0018 */" As you can see we have 3 complete entry of 8 =24 dec to hex= 0x18, if you need to add another one then will be 32 dec to hex=0x20 result "/* 0020 */" for the next line of 8, when you finish to add remove "," after last one. Pay attentions to all this, they are very important!
  4. DSDT Patcher

    Hi Raven thanks I have been to that post.. maybe its plain as day but i do not see where it mentions the buffers for say pinconfig and layout id "ConfigData", Buffer (0xC0) { where does one acquire this buffer value? for ConfigData, Layout-ID.. the whole lot really that would use a buffer. Is it some arbitrary value? by the way I appreciate the help.
  5. DSDT Patcher

    Hi all Great post .. making some headway with my audio here just a little confused on one bit and would like some clarity.. Within the dsdt i quoted there are buffers for codec id, layout id, pin config etc... how does one find out what those buffers are to be. Is that information made available to the user from there linux codec dump? Thanks in advance for you help.
  6. One step closer to vanilla sound

    Hi DGSGA Thanks for the post.. Having trouble at step 4 cbrom mybios.bin /release is there something suppose to post to cmd line? It prompts me how to use cbrom.. maybe i missed something in your instructions.. how I dont know as they are dead simple. It should be said my bios is a phoenix bios, however i was able to edit out AZAL from my acpitbl dump.. Thanks in advance for anyhelp you may be able to provide. ________________________________________________________________________________ __ so i used my brain or whats left of it and wrote out step as such cbrom mybios.bin /acpitbl release that should do it
  7. Haven't tried this yet myself but plan too. What of TechTool Protogo. Create a bootable usb key from the system you already have existing, or at least that s how i think the product works. After the key is setup use a tool like OSX86Tools to install efi boot loader to that. Lets see if this works.
  8. External hard drives won't mount

    Curious, what drivers do you use for mounting? Are they stock ntfs driver or ntfs-3g? Did the system crash, while in OS X, while the drives were connected? Id recommend a quick chkdsk within XP if you have it. Just open up the cmd line and type chkdsk "drive letter": /X /V /F /I /C Should remove the dirty flag
  9. ALC880 - no sound on laptop

    Like the previous fellow asked.. how did you perform the codec dump? If its posted else where please provide a link. Thanks
  10. Hi All Successful update to 10.5.4 using software update. My system was at 10.5.3 thanks to kalyway update. I thought i would brave it and try the update and sure enough it worked. Oddly enough after reboot i typed "uname -a" to see which kernel i was running. It repoted 9.2 by TOH, odd. I then rebooted and typed in "-f update -v" , now im running off the 9.4 vanilla kernel. Good luck to all who attempt this. Oh yeah specs Aopen i975xa-YDG Intel T7200 2GHZ oc'd @ 2.4GHZ EVGA 7800GT