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    Hi pkdesign, While it has been a while since I have used Clover on anything less than a core 2 duo, I would say you need to consider a couple of things (Maybe you have already tried these so forgive my post being in layman's terms): It's a BIOS instead of UEFI, so Clover must be installed/injected onto the partition map and ran in Legacy mode CloverEFI (When installing onto the USB stick or HD it's under Custom Install -> Bootloader -> Install boot0af <OR> boot0ss) Depending on how old your motherboard is it may only be able to load 32bit clover instead of 64bit. (Even if the processor is 64bit) So in those Custom options under "CloverEFI" choose "CloverEFI 32-bits" Also for Legacy booting like this I've had better success just using an old USB drive with MBR formatted fat32 always plugged in for the Clover Bootloader The Snow Leopard Kernel does not support anything less than a Core Duo, so you will need to find a "Legacy Kernel" as they used to call them for Snow Leopard (google search nawcom) and place it on the root folder of your installer (or drive if you already installed a different way with chameleon). You then reference the new kernel in the boot arguments with "Kernel=Legacy_Kernel" I would then make sure if you can boot into clover that you set the SMBIOS ProductName to something closer to that older CPU, Looking at the Clover docs I would maybe suggest the "MacMini2,1" Don't forget the usual FakeSMC kext, and even the AppleIntel, Kernel support CPU Clover Options so you don't need NullCPU kext, etc. This are just random thoughts since I haven't messed with a Pentium 4 machine in a while so if anyone wants to add or correct this post feel free! Love the community we have here and I think the Clover boot loader is amazing! I might have a Pentium 4 machine in the attic, I may try putting Snow Leopard on this weekend if I get the time. - Matt