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    Hi there, I've decided to install Mac OS Mojave 10.14 on my laptop. I've installed it using the vanilla method (dosdude1 patcher, TINU, clover on USB drive)Actually I need to fix some things such as the CMD key (that changed from WIN key to L_ALT key), the brightness control and the fn keys (such as brightness up and down) N.B. I've actually ordered a DW1560 (BCM94352Z) WiFi M.2 card because my QCA9377 doesn't work. Below you can find my CLOVER CONFIG, the ioreg and the acpi/origin folder of CLOVER extracted using the F4 method. Dell Inspiron 5370 HW: CPU => i5-8250u GPU => Intel Graphics UHD 620 RAM => 8GB DDR4 2400MHz SSD => 256 GB M.2 WIFI/BT => QCA9377 (still waiting for the DW1560 wifi card) MacBook Pro di Ivan.ioreg ACPI DELL INSPIRON 5370 ORIGIN.zip CLOVER EFI.zip