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  1. Hi, I have installed Leo4Allv3 on my computer. It works great except for the sleep problem. It can sleep, but freezes when wake up. I tried all kernels and none works. Can someone help? Dell Vostro 200 Slim Tower CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 OC 2.93GHZ (currently vanilla 9.2.2 kernel) MB Foxconn G33M02 RAM 2GB 667 (800mhz displayed in system profiler) Video card EVGA 8400GS (working with 10.5.2 Nvidia kexts+nvinject 0.2.1 256m, QE+CI all working) Sound on board (working with Azalia_ad1988b) Network on board doesn't work, used a D-link DFE-530TX+ (RTL8139), no problem. 40GB SATA (GUID partition)
  2. Hi, I have one c++ console program (computation intense, almost no system calls) compiled with GCC (using option -O3) on 2 computers: A-- P4-2.6GHz Northwood, HT, 512MB memory, Fedora 8, GCC 4.1.2 B-- P4-2.8GHz Prescott, HT, 1.5GB memory, Hackintosh 10.5.2, GCC 4.2 Although B has a slightly faster CPU, the runtime of the program on B takes 3min20secs while only 2min10secs in A. There are no background process that consumes much CPU time (idle <5%) on both computers. I wonder what makes the difference? Thanks, DM