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  1. Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    The attached is an older kext. Anyone has IO80211Family.kext from 10.12 floating around?
  2. [FIX] macOS Sierra DP1 BCM94532Z WiFi

    Before 10.12.1 I've used ReHabman kext inject and the 5GHz patch to get everything working but now it is not working. After looking at DPCIManager realise my device id is different. Right now I have only FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext only, I don't care about 5Ghz if the device is not even detected at all. Vendor, Device, Sub Ven, Sub Dev, Vendor Name, Device Name 14E4, 43B1, 103C, 2154, Broadcom Corporation, BCM4352 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter EDIT: Console is spaming this com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (com.apple.wifivelocityd): Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 10 seconds.
  3. Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    Hold and behold, I updated to 10.10.3 forgetting that the patch is only for 10.10.2. Right now, I have FakePCI to get the BCM94352 to be recognised. Other than that, the 5GHz patch seems to be working.
  4. Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    Need to install BrcmPatchRAM.kext to get bluetooth working. I have the same module install and everything is working with advise from toleda. Cheers!
  5. Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    So far without any kext edit or additional kext I got BCM94352 WiFi running. I just applied wireless_bcm94352-100-v2.0.command to get 5Ghz and Handoff to work but according to the guide I needed to. 2. kext edit 1. Advantages: Simple edits 2. Disadvantages: Apply after each Software Update, Potential signing issue 3. Backup S/L/E/IO80211Family.kext 4. Property List Editor/Open/S/L/E/IO80211Family.kext/Contents/Plugins/ AirPortBrcm4360.kext/Contents/Info.plist 1. find: <string>pci14e4,43a0</string> Native (select one) 1. add: <string>pci14e4,4353</string> For BCM943224 2. add: <string>pci14e4,4357</string> For BCM943225 3. add: <string>pci14e4,43b1</string> For BCM94352 5. Save 6. Move to Desktop 7. Run kext installer 8. More info: see [Guide] airport_pcie-hm_plist_edits.pdf So now, to get BT working I would just follow the following right? All three steps. BCM94352 BT (10.10 and newer, 10.9 and newer) Releases · robvanoostenrijk/BrcmPatchRAM · GitHub, credit darkvoid BrcmPatchRAM.kext Bluetooth Firmware Uploader - Projects - OSXLatitude Forum - credit EMlyDinEsH BTFirmwareUploader.kext Installation Chameleon/System/Library/Extensions/ use kext installer Clover/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.10 (or 10.9) EDIT: OK, I'm confused. There are three guides, main, plist edit and dsdt edit. So if I opt the easier way out, I would just install toledaARPT.kext BrcmPatchRAM.kext BTFirmwareUploader.kext with kext installer to get WiFi 2.4Ghz and BT working. Than run wireless_bcm94352-100-v2.0.command to get WiFi 5Ghz working.
  6. Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    Oh OK! I understand now that need to do seperate steps for WiFi and BT. In that case, I'd try editing plist for both WiFi and BT to maintain consistency. Will report back once I get home tonight, now where to the tip jar? EDIT: One more thing, do I need BrcmPatchRAM on-top of the plist edit? I know I'd need BCM94352 5 GHz/Handoff Patch on-top of the plist to get the WiFi fully working.
  7. Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    Hi, Maybe my comprehension of english is not too well. Can somebody guide me what are the steps needed to get a BCM94325 working? Airport Injection Methods/see Repo kext enabler, see airport_kext_enabler folder <- I used this method to enable WiFi and it's working but bluetooth is not detected at all. Please advise any other steps I need? kext edit/Info.plist, see [Guide]_airport_half-mini_plist_edits.pdf dsdt edits, [Guide]_airport_half-mini_dsdt_edits.pdf ssdt enabler, see airport_ssdt_enabler folder
  8. Lion installation via USB stick using Chameleon

    I found out what's the problem with my computer not sleeping! It's the graphics card, with GraphicsEnabler=Yes I can't sleep and without sleep works fine. I've a 9600GT anybody have any idea how to get it to work or is there something wrong with my DSDT?
  9. ULTIMATIVE wakeup the Lion from sleep topic

    could I have your dsdt? Have the same mobo, am not sure is sleep is working as the fan is spinning. previously when miracle it work sleep stops the fan... what do you have in /E/E and boot.plist?
  10. Lion installation via USB stick using Chameleon

    Can I attached the original unedited dsdt to find out the bug? unedited.dsdt.txt
  11. Lion installation via USB stick using Chameleon

    I need help with my Lion not sleeping, when going the screen just suspends and the hdd stop spinning but the fan is still running and it cannot be awake. It was working fine, on one of my installation by chance I guess. Could it be what I entered in boot.plist? send_me.zip
  12. Sleep stopped working

    I've the same mobo as you and have the same problem. Sleep was working in 10.6.7 until I update to 10.6.8 and now Lion.
  13. (Solved) HDEF in DSDT and No Sleep

    does it solve sleep problem? I'm having the same issue now...
  14. sleep problems on GA-EP45-DS3

    may i know what applertc fix did you use? i'm having the same problem on my ep35-ds3l... very frustrating...
  15. Lion installation via USB stick using Chameleon

    I did a full reinstall TWICE and still it's not working. It was working fine previously. Not sure what is wrong this time.