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  1. Ah OK, so will go down the SATA DVD/RW route then.
  2. Hi as the titles states does anyone know of a Micro ATX board that has 6 sata connections and an IDE on board connection. I want to upgrade but Need the 6 sata ports plus and IDE for my DVD/RW. I am building a budget system and the best way to upgrade is the MoBo + Processor + Memory. I want to keep my current DVD/RW and all other hard drives. I am look at around £50 - £60 max. Thanks. Right after I posted this I found this board Asrock B75 Pro3-M which states it has 8 SATA connectors. I suppose that will do although I will have to upgrade to a SATA DVD/RW seems like it is OSX compatible.
  3. Move Leopard Programs to Lion

    Ah OK thanks for that, going on to Migration Assistant, I tried using the it to migrate my Applications (only applications) but it keeps trying to copy my kexts over from Leopard too, is there a way to move just the Applications in Applications and nothing else? EDIT: OK What I did was remove sleepenabler kext and rebuilt permissions and viola, it booted with all my programs there including my Adobe CS4 (YIPEE) Thanks Uni for my cheap adobe... Now to see if it works...
  4. Hi Guys, as the title says, how do I move my programs from Leopard to Lion? I have successfully installed Lion on my PC (external HD) and want to move all my programs that I have installed on Leopard to Lion. I would also like the data files moved. For example I have my screen saver (Electric Sheep) and would like to move all of it plus the data that it has downloaded for the "sheep". Plus a few other programs. Is it just a case of copying them from the Applications folder in Leopard to the Application folder in Lion? Ta.
  5. Try with the following parameters at boot. -v pmVersion=0 and see if that works, if that works then you know that it has to do with the SleepEnabler.kext that is installed on your machine from the 10.6.7 install. You might need to add pmVersion=0 into your com.apple.Boot.plist
  6. Hi All, OK So last night I was trying to install Debian on my spare Hard Disk where I had an old Snow Leopard install on the disk. I have bought a separate Hard Disk for Snow Leopard and installed Snow on that drive and left this drive unused as it was a test for Snow Leopard. I have always wanted to try Debian and thought I could install Debian on this disk. The test drive was the 1st disk in the SATA configuration making it the disk with the MBR on it. I didn't know that and while formatting the Hard Disk I wiped the EFI partition and created Linux paritions on the whole disk. The install failed and I tried to reboot into Snow and I got an ebios error. I have managed to boot into Windows by using BOOT123 method, but now can't get into Snow. How can I go about reinstalling Chameleon without a hackintosh or mac? I have moved the test drive from being he 1st HD in the SATA configuration and have my Windows Hard Disk as the 1st one in the Hard drive configuration. Should I move the Snow Hard Disk to the first in the series instead, or doesn't it matter? I do like the Chameleon as my main bootloader, but don't mind EasyBDC either. I did try to fix the Windows MBR but EasyBDC couldn't fix it and neither could I fix it using "bootrec" from the Windows 7 install disk. So what are you suggestions? Ideally I would like to have 4 OS's (I have 4 hard drives). Windows 7, OSX Snow Leopard, Ubuntu and last one Debian. I am trying all OS's and testing to see how they are for daily use before I pick one on for permanent basis for a while. Current I have been using Snow Leopard for about 2 months without any hicups up until now. Thanks D
  7. Hi Guys, I was wondering if you could advise which micro-atx board would be a good board for a hackintosh? I currently have a P5PQL-VM and I can't get it working. I have tried 10 flavours of DVD's from Kalyway, iAktos, Leo4All and a few others (including) old ones from 2 years ago. Only iDeneb works but I can get it too boot. So what mobo uATX would you guys suggest? What about this Zotac GeForce 9300-ITX-I-E Mini-ITX? I was thinking my next PC to be a small PC. (more like a side grade) Thanks
  8. Patched BIOS by smith@@

    Hi, Sorry for english, I want to know if smith@@ can please make bios for P5QPL-VM mother board. Please, I try in Italian.... Ciao, mi spiace per l'inglese, vorrei sapere se smith@@ può piacere a fare del BIOS per scheda madre P5QPL-VM. Per favore, cerco in italiano ... I have been trying for 2 months and no success. grazie a te...
  9. Hi guys, I have the P5QPL-VM mobo, can I use the P5QPL-VM EPU rom? Or is it not compatible with the P5QPL-VM mobo? Thanks D.
  10. PNY Gb LAN

  11. PNY Gb LAN

    Hi All, I'm a little confused, I have a M2N-VM HDMI mobo here is the link (for specs). I have managed to install Kaly's Leopard 10.5.2 but I get no LAN or sound. At the moment I want to get the LAN working first. According to my mobo manual it says I have a PNY Gb LAN which is supported by a Marvell Gb LAN controller. Does anyone know what LAN that is? I have installed OSX twice now, once with the standard defaults and no LAN, then the second time with all the network boxs ticked. But Still I get no LAN. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I have searched and no luck.
  12. No harddrive found

    Yes I have tried both Kaly's 10.5.1 and 10.5.2 and I have tried another version (forgot the name and I'm at work at the moment, my lunch break), it's called "Jaka" something or other. Is it just something really simple that I need to do? Something stupid that I'm missing? I don't want to give this up. I want to try it. I have managed to install it on my previous system which still had the exact same HD's and DVD drives? So it must be my MOBO? Right? M2N-VM HDMI? Thanks...
  13. No harddrive found

    Sorry to hi-jack this thread, I have a similar problem. Where I am able to get up to the setup screen, and then when I go to format my disks in Disk Utilities. I only see my DVD ROM drive and nothing else. Although when I plug in my memory stick the setup picks it up. My specs are as follows AMD X2 4400+ 4G Ram ATI HD2400XT Card Mobo is Asus M2N-VM HDMI I have 4 SATA harddrives 1 x DVD-RW (IDE) and 1 x DVD-ROM (IDE) I have been searching high and low and no one seems to have any ideas except that Leopard doesn't support SATA? I have previously installed Leopard on my old motherboard and PC (it was a P4 and still had the same disks and all are SATA) So I'm a bit confused as to why it gets all the way to the setup and all the disks are missing. Also how do I find out what SATA controller I use?