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  1. Sadly I still encounter freezes... No special thing to mention about the the temperatures... CPU is usually between 50-65 C Any other ideas?
  2. yes because it was empty, so nothing was there and the zip I've uploaded was my whole EFI folder. I'm already using your config.plist and the ssdt.aml under ACPI/Patched and so far so good no freezes, but as I've stated in my op it was random so I'm not sure if this already fixed my issues
  3. Hi Thank you! I know sadly xfx can cause issues but i had this problem since i started using hackintosh with high sierra and with a GTX 970 so that shouldn't be it. I'll try the config plist thank you! Sorry for beeing a n00b... ACPI/patched is in EFI/Clover right? And I just have to copy it there no extra setup needed for it? Sadly for sure i have no CPU power management set up as I have no idea about it...
  4. Hi,I've been suffering from random system hangs. I've just updated to the latest 10.14.5 version of Mojave.But I've been getting them as early as my first hackintosh on High Sierra... (Back then I've used a Nvidia GTX 970)Really frustrating as nothing helped so far.my symptoms: Picture freezes/hangs with the picture visible Audio freezes (no sound or loops) Cannot move the mouse or any other responses. Have to hard reset after such a freeze Totally random, not load related as it can happen when idle, or when just working in chrome etc... sometimes i can last for a day without a freeze and then sometimes it happens every half an hour... my system: Motherboard: Gigabitye Z68AP-D3 (Rev 1.0 w Legacy bios - !NO UEFI!) CPU: Intel i7-2600K GPU: XFX RX 580 8GB Using Display port (other ports causes black screen during boot) RAM: Kingston 16GB DDR3 1333 MHz SSD: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB I've uploaded my updated EFI folder here. Kexts also uploaded here. Installed /Library/Extensions/ All the latest versions. Any help is appreciated