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  1. I am currently working on an app to change the XML plist settings for ffscroll so changing the sensitivity and such is as easy as running my app moving some sliders and clicking ok. The gui is almost done and im still researching making it generate the plist. Im new to cocoa so syntax is getting in my way but I will get there. If anyone has a tutorial or even an example of a cocoa app to edit xml files I would love to see it. PM me or email at compwizd2003@gmail.com Thanks
  2. About this Mac

    Works great for me Pentium M 1.73
  3. For those of you who are having the problems after reboot just read the other posts I posted an apple app that you can run on boot to restart the deamon for you in the background.
  4. pritthish have to edit the two plist files mentioned in the tutorial. The list of what everything does tells you what everything means. The settings in sys pref dont really work well. Im considering building a cocoa app that will change these settings and restart the scroll daemon. also For those of us who don't understand the applescript i mentioned here are some tips. First off get my app which i am attaching. Second put it somewhere like in your downloads or somewhere else you can find it. Then go to accounts in the system preferences and click login items and add the app. Reboot and enjoy. mousestart.app
  5. BMW see my post above about the applescript... works great for me. If you have questions pm me and I will write a tutorial. Kage
  6. Will you still buy the real deal?

    I would buy a real one just because my ATI card isnt supported in osx86
  7. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    still working on this but i thought hey the exterior mods are the fun anyway. screen1.tiff screen2.tiff
  8. An interesting note... After getting this working on my T43 I disassembled it and repainted the shell. When I put everything back together again I began getting USB power errors. Turns out it was the stupid Trackpoint I disabled before. I hit it a few times (official troubleshooting method) and now no more messages. Scrolling still working great. Kage
  9. Hi all, I have an IBM t43 with a synaptics touchpad running 10.5.1 kalyway. I installed the app as described and found two problems that have already been mentioned in this thread. 1. If you touch the trackpoint mouse it kills the touchpad. 2. FFScrollDaemon doesnt start correctly on system start. I have (sorta) fixed both 1. The trackpoint doesnt work well with osx anyway so I just disabled it in the BIOS. 2. The whole thing works great when you start the daemon after boot so I wrote a little applescript that runs the terminal command on start. do shell script "/usr/local/bin/FFScrollDaemon &" Then added it to my list of startup apps. Works for me. Only thing is when osx starts the script engine icon shows in the dock. If anyone has a better idea on how to fix this I would be glad to hear it. Thanks for the 2 touch software, Kage